Can I Sue the Super 8 for Bed Bug Bites or a Bed Bug Infestation in My Room?

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If you have been affected by a bed bug infestation in a Super 8 hotel room, you could sue Super 8 for bed bug injuries. A bed bug law firm for bed bug injuries at Super 8 can help. The responsibility of the property owner or manager lies with keeping all customers safe, and if you are attacked by bed bugs and suffer damages, the hotel should be held liable for the ensuing costs and expenses. Bed bugs can wreak havoc on you during a vacation, but worse, they cn latch onto your luggage or clothing and go home with you, resulting in a widespread infestation that may take days or weeks to fully eradicate. In that time, you could rack up various costs and suffer bites. Thus, it is a wise choice to file a Super 8 bed bug lawsuit. Our legal team, the Be Bug Legal Group, is one of the top firms in Los Angeles for bed bug injuries. We have handled such cases for years and we are no stranger to dealing with Super 8’s insurance agents. Call us today to speak with one of our lawyers in Los Angeles that can sue Super 8 for bed bug injuries.

Locating Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

It can be troublesome to find bed bugs in a hotel room if you do not know what you’re looking for.  Some people only search the bed, and if they don’t see anything, assume the room is clean. This is not recommended. Bed bugs seldom make their nests in the beds themselves; they are more often found near the beds and couches on which people rest and sleep.

Often, bed bugs are found in the creases of the mattress, underneath the sheets, below couch cushions, behind baseboards, between the carpeting and the wall, behind electrical outlets, around and behind picture frames, in nightstand drawers, inside torn fabric of upholstery, and more. You should always make sure to properly investigate a hotel room before you turn in for the night.

The signs of bed bugs include small, oval-shaped, cream colored eggs; dark red spots on the sheets from dried blood from bites; brown mounds, which are droppings; and shed skins of juvenile bed bugs. You should examine damp, dark places to see if there are any creatures.

If you wake up and discover that there was, in fact, an infestation in the room, you should contact a bed bug attorney for bed bug bites at Super 8.

Aftermath of Bites

Bed bugs are nocturnal and tend to come out at night to feast on their victims. They can only crawl and not jump, so they make their way over to where you are laying and proceed to bite. You don’t feel the bite happen or suffer any pain because bed bugs have an anesthetic in their mouths that keeps victims unaware. The insects can feast for up to 10 minutes at a time; they also have an anti-coagulant present in their saliva that prevents blood from clotting, allowing for constant, uninterrupted drinking.

This bites generally don’t show up for a few hours or days after the incident, ,but when they do, they are generally present in a zigzag pattern and do not itch as much as other insect bites do. They can, however, fester and pop if they are scratched too much, which can lead to infections. The bites are most often present on the hands and arms, lower legs, and stomach and back, or anywhere that is easily accessed by crawling bed bugs.

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, you can never be too careful; you should immediately go to the doctor to get checked out. Then, you should contact a lawyer to sue Super 8 for bed bug bites.

Procedure to Gathering Evidence in a Super 8 Room

One of the most common mistakes that people make after suffering bed bug injuries in a hotel room is immediately alerting the staff to the problem. The manager will usually usher you out of the room and give you somewhere else to stay while the orders the cleaning crew to clean up. By the time they’re finished, there may not be any evidence left, and you won’t have sufficient proof that you were attacked by bed bugs. The hotel could easily say that you must have been bitten elsewhere.

Instead, you should prioritize finding the nests and taking pictures of the creatures wherever you can. If you can show that the bugs were present in the room, you have ample proof for your claim. You should also take photos of your bites as soon as they appear.

In checking the room for the bed bugs, you must try your best to move your luggage to a clean area to try and prevent the bugs from latching on; it is very easy to mistakenly transfer them to your home and cause another infestation to pop up.

After you have gathered all of your evidence, then you should contact the staff to file an incident report. Do not accept any compensation from the hotel at this point; you may be offered free rooms and vouchers, but anything you accept can harm your chances of winning a lawsuit.

Finally, you should reach out to one of our attorneys to sue Super 8 for bed bugs in your room. We can help walk you through the whole process if you are unsure about what to do immediately after discovering bed bugs, and we will do all we can to bring you fair compensation for bed bugs at a hotel.

Super 8 Bed Bug Lawsuit Information

If you intend to file a bed bug lawsuit against Super 8, you should be aware of the laws and conditions required to take action. Importantly, Super 8, like any hotel, must provide safe, healthy, sanitary rooms to its customers, and if it breaches that duty, it can be considered negligent. If that breach of duty results in an incident that caused you, the invitee, physical harm, then you have all four points of negligence and can file a claim.

There have been numerous Super 8 bed bug reports and questions about the Super 8 bed bugs policy. Essentially, California law dictates how clean rooms must be, and a violation can lead to a lawsuit and a fine, or worse if the hotel is a repeat offender.

Can I sue Super 8 for bed bug bites?

Yes, you can sue Super 8 for bed bug bites. As a victim who suffered physical harm while on someone else’s property, you could take legal action against the responsible party and pursue a Super 8 bed bugs refund.

Can I sue Super 8 for bed bugs in my room which injured me?

Yes, you can sue Super 8 for bed bugs in your room which injured you. You are owed a high duty of care as a temporary occupant and if your health and safety are affected, you have grounds for a lawsuit. We can help you pursue fair Super 8 bed bugs compensation.

If you have additional questions, such as how to report bed bugs at a hotel or what is the best method for claiming compensation for bed bug bites, get in touch with an attorney at our law firm today.

Our Firm’s Goal

The Bed Bug Legal Group dedicates itself to all clients who come to us with problems concerning bed bug bites in Super 8 hotels and other locations. We know how difficult of an ordeal it can be to suffer through an infestation, and you may not feel safe at all afterwards. Our goal is to bring you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We’ll see to it that your medical expenses are covered, lost wages at work reimbursed, pain and suffering damages covered, and damaged property taken care of.

Our lawyers are aggressive and will fight Super 8 around the clock until we secure you a fair settlement. If necessary, we’ll take your case to court to prove that you are owed damages.

Call us today to speak with a lawyer with experience in bed bug lawsuits against Super 8 and to receive a free consultation about your case. We’ll be glad to look over your claim and tell you what we think the case is worth. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through the legal process.

If you choose to represent us, we’ll grant you our zero fee guarantee, which is a promise that you won’t pay any out of pocket expenses for our services. We only get paid if we win your case, and if we lose, you owe us nothing.

Don’t wait to pursue your rightful compensation. Call the Bed Bug Legal Group in Los Angeles to speak with an attorney for bed bug injuries at Super 8.


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