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Bed bugs are pests that populate numerous residences and locations. They are popular in places that host many travelers, such as hotels or motels. The owners or managers of these locations have a duty to provide safe and clean quarters to those using the spaces, and if there are any pests present, the manager’s duty is to remove them and ensure the space is properly cleaned and maintained. Many times, however, the manager may claim that bed bugs and other pests were not present prior to your arrival and that you are likely responsible for bringing them in. It is important that you recognize the signs of bed bugs and take proper action to protect yourself on a legal level. When bed bugs are present in places such as a daycare center, it is crucial that you do all you can to pursue compensation and cause the managers to clean the center appropriately. Our attorneys at the Bed Bug Legal Group promise to help you work through a lawsuit against a day care center if your child suffered bed bug bites or brought the pests home.

What are Bed Bugs?
Bed bugs are small creatures, generally between 1 and 5mm in length, that drink blood as a form of sustenance. They are flat and colored reddish brown; they are sometimes confused with fleas, but one of the noticeable differences is in their abilities to move: fleas can jump extremely far distances, while bed bugs can only crawl to get around. Their saliva has an anesthetic quality and an anti-coagulant in it, so you do not feel the bites when they happen and the blood can freely flow for as long as the bed bugs are thirsty. After feasting, the bed bugs become engorged with blood, swelling up to much larger than they were before, and retreat to their nests. Bed bugs are capable of surviving on no meals of blood for many months; they can lay dormant waiting for new hosts to come nearby. Thus, there may not be any indication of bed bugs if the dwelling were empty for some time.

In a place like a daycare, there may be numerous children sitting around who can be bitten and suffer bed bug damages. They bed bugs may come out during naptime or playtime and drink the children’s blood. The injuries your child may sustain can be mild or severe; the bites may become infected and swell, but unfortunately, they do not show up right away, so it may be some days before you can identify the marks.

Where do Bed Bugs Live?
Bed bugs generally nest in dark, damp areas that are near where their victims sleep. Because the creatures are primarily nocturnal feeders, they situate themselves in locations close to beds and couches. They may be present behind picture frames and electrical outlets, underneath mattresses and baseboards, in the cracks between molding and drawers, on the underside of couch cushions and pillows, inside crevices, near carpeting, and more.

How Can I Identify a Bed Bug Infestation?
Signs of bed bugs include stains on blankets and sheets from blood and droppings left behind from a night of feasting; small, cream-colored eggs; molted skins and exoskeletons of juvenile bed bugs that turned into adults; and the dark nests and creatures themselves. As a parent, you may not have any reason to suspect bed bugs until you check your child’s body and see the telltale zigzag markings. This is a surefire sign that bed bugs are present at a day care.

You should go to the day care center and check the couches, mattresses, blankets, walls, picture frames, and more. A thorough investigation will tell you whether or not there are bed bugs. Of course, it is possible that the bed bugs did not originate in the daycare center; they may have been brought over on a child from his home, which in turn could have happened after a trip somewhere. However, it does not matter who can be faulted for bringing the bed bugs in – the point is that there is an infestation at the daycare, and action must be taken. If your child received a bed bug bite at a day care center, you should consult with an attorney immediately.

How Can I Gather Evidence?
If you suspect a daycare has bed bugs, you should not alert the owners immediately; they will likely close up and fumigate the building without giving you a chance to collect your evidence. If you do not have proper proof that bed bugs were present and that your child were harmed, you would not be able to successfully a file a lawsuit.

The first step you should take is identify where the bed bugs are and take photos of their presence. You should document the presence of the pests as best you can. Next, you should take photos of the damages your child sustained. If there were no physical injuries, you may not be able to collect very much compensation.

Any possibly infested materials should be thrown away or put aside to be cleaned. This includes clothing, backpacks, lunch bags, blankets, and more. You may even have to temporarily leave your home and vehicle if the pests infested those areas as well. Fumigating these areas can be pricey, but a lawsuit can help alleviate the costs.

Once you have gathered photographic evidence, you should then bring up the topic with the daycare manager. He may offer you compensation in the form of free hours or a reduced rate, but it is very important that you do not take these; your acceptance of them can be used as leverage to show that you were fairly compensated, and your pursuit of additional restitution is wrong.

Finally, take your evidence to a daycare bed bug infestation lawsuit attorney to get started on filing a claim.

What Can I Receive in a Lawsuit?
With the help of our day care center bed bug infestation lawsuit lawyers, you can earn different kinds of compensation for your child’s injuries. You should not hesitate to file a claim, as there is a two year statute of limitations from the date of the injury; if you try to take action after that deadline has run its course, you will be prevented from seeking compensation.

With the help of our attorneys, you can receive:

  • Medical Expenses: There is a chance that your child suffered various physical harms from bed bug bites. Bed bug bites can lead to infections and may not heal immediately; if the wounds are scratched or agitated, they may become even more damaged. You may be able to receive coverage for the medical bills you racked up to provide care for your child, including fees for hospitalization and medication.
  • Lost Wages: Because a bed bug infestation can cause you to evacuate your home and force your vehicle to be fumigated, you may have no reliable way of getting to work, especially if you must also care for your child. You could thus have your lost income and wages reimbursed by the day care.
  • Property Damage: The amount of money you must spend to fumigate your home and replace or repair your property, such as furnishings and clothing, can be compensated in a lawsuit.
  • Pain and Suffering: Your child may be traumatized from being bitten by bed bugs at the daycare center. These emotional damages, such as PTSD, fear, anxiety, psychological stress, and more, can be covered.

To receive more day care bed bug bite lawsuit information, contact our law group today.

Our Law Firm’s Help
The Bed Bug Legal Group is here to ensure that you receive ample compensation for your bed bug lawsuit. Our aggressive lawyers aim to secure you the settlement you deserve; we will not allow the day care to get away with providing a potentially unsafe and unclean environment for your and other children. Daycare centers should be held to a high standard, and any instances of sordidness that fall below that bar should be punished and fixed. We will make sure that the problems at the daycare are fixed and that you receive the compensation you deserve in a claim.

Our lawyers have helped clients all across the country. We have handled cases from people living in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Texas (Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio), Louisiana (New Orleans), and more. Bed bug infestations at day cares are huge problems that need to be solved, and we are the best team for the job.

Call us today to receive a free legal consultation with an expert attorney. You will be able to ask questions about bed bug infestation lawsuit and we will look over your case and tell you what we believe it is worth. If you select us to represent you, you will receive our zero fee guarantee on your claim, which promises that you will not have to pay any out of pocket expenses for our services. Throughout the litigation process, we will cover all costs of the case, and we only have our fees paid if we win. The settlement we earn for you will have our bills factored into it, so the day care responsible for paying out your compensation will cover your legal fees. If we lose your case, you do not owe us anything at all, and we will cover all the costs ourselves.

Reach out to our law group today to speak with a bed bug lawyer about suing the daycare for bed bugs.


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