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furniture rental store bed bug lawsuitWhen you move into a new apartment or to a new house, you may choose to furnish your house with cheaper alternatives than brand new furniture. Used furniture and used mattresses can be bought from various outlets, but although they will not cost as much as fresh counterparts, they have more risks involved, notably the chance of bed bugs. As a customer, you should not be sold potentially harmful products, especially those that you use for rest or sleep. If you have been bitten by bed bugs, there are routes of legal action you can take that can yield financial compensation for your damages. Our experienced team of attorneys at the Bed Bug Legal Group can help you file a furniture store bed bug lawsuit against the responsible outlet.

Bed Bug Details
Bed bugs are creatures that feast on blood; they are small (less than 2mm in length), flat, and round pests that are reddish-brown in color. They can be very frustrating to deal with because of the unique qualities of their bites: the saliva contains both an anesthetic and an anticoagulant, so not only do you not feel the bites take place (and thus you do not wake up from slumber while being attacked), but your blood also does not clot, which allows the bed bugs to drink continuously.

They also move along the body and bite in zigzag patterns, which can be a clear indicator that you are dealing with bed bugs and not fleas. Another clear indicator is in the method of travel – bed bugs can only crawl from place to place, so relocating is difficult for them. They often latch onto other pieces of clothing or are carried from one place to another on used furniture. This is the most efficient way for the pests to spread, and it benefits them because of how long they can go without feeding. A few weeks or months is nothing to a bed bug; once you purchase a used couch, though, they may come out of hiding and have a long feast before retreating to their nests.

If you believe you have encountered bed bugs after buying something, contact one of our accomplished lawyers to sue a furniture store or furniture company for bed bugs.

Finding Bed Bugs
You should always be careful when purchasing anything used; there could be various problems that the seller does not want you to know about, and if you are not careful, you could be hurt. Used furniture is no exception – some beds may be rickety or might have undergone quick repairs to be eligible to be sold, only to fall apart upon being brought home. If there is an infestation, the furniture store’s entire catalog may be compromised if the bugs decide to migrate from one piece of furniture to another. It would cost too much money to adequately clean everything and to fumigate the store, so they opt to sell the furniture as is. There may be fleas or bed bugs present, which can cause extreme distress and problems in your home.

Before you purchase used furniture from a furniture company, you should take care to inspect it as closely as possible for any pests. There are telltale signs of bed bugs present on some pieces of furniture, and if you can identify the nests ahead of time, you could save a lot of time and money while preserving your health. If you see any oval shaped, cream colored eggs on the mattress or furniture, there may be adult bed bugs nearby. Dark brown stains can also indicate bed bugs; the blood that they drink can leak and stain the furniture. Bed bugs leave behind small black or brown mounds as droppings after they have a meal, and juvenile bed bugs leave behind exoskeletons and shed skins as they reach maturity. It can also benefit you to inspect the different parts of the furniture; bed bugs like to hide in dark, damp places, such as beneath sofa cushions, in the lines of the fabric, in mattress creases, behind headboards, inside pillows, and more.

If you found the creatures after bringing the furniture home, call one of our expert lawyers to file a furniture store bed bug lawsuit today.

Effects of an Infestation
If you have rested on used furniture that had bed bug nests, you may have been subjected to bites from the creatures. The zigzag pattern is a good indicator that they were feasting on you. The bites themselves may not show up for a few days, but when they do, you will notice that they are swollen areas that are red or discolored. They may become similar to blisters in some cases, and scratching could cause them to fester and break open, which may lead to infections. Although bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, the physical harms are still frustrating and can do damage, especially if an infection occurs and spreads throughout the body.

More than the physical effects, the infestation could impact your home. Bed bugs can migrate from one piece of furniture to another, causing numerous locations to be affected. You may have to have your entire house fumigated by an exterminator but if the infestation is particularly severe, you may have no other option than to throw away your used furniture and purchase new pieces. This can run you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

You may be able to have these effects and expenses covered by filing a furniture store bed bug lawsuit with the help of a qualified attorney.

How to Sue a Furniture Store for Bed Bugs

The first step to filing a lawsuit is to acquire evidence of the infestation. This means that you should take photos of any nests that you find, as well as pictures of your injuries. You will not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit unless you were physically harmed, so it is imperative that you have evidence of your damages. You also should not return the piece of furniture or throw it away; it will be the key piece of evidence used in your claim. You can also prove that the specific store you are filing a claim against sold you the furniture by providing your receipts or any bill of false. The furniture story will undoubtedly try to claim that the infestation must have happened after the purchase was made, but with enough evidence, you can show this to be false.
sue furniture store for bed bugs

Once you have your evidence, you should contact an expert lawyer who can help you file a furniture store bed bug lawsuit. We have ample experience in this area of law, and we know the nuances of winning settlements for our clients. Trying to litigate a claim by yourself may not be a good idea as you will not have the time, knowledge, or energy to follow up on everything involved with the case. For instance, it would be hard to attend depositions and court dates if you do not have ready access to your home or if you can’t take off work because of the infestation. A lawyer will be able to work on your behalf while you take care of the more important things, like recovering and restoring your life to normal.

If you choose to file a furniture store bed bug lawsuit, you may be able to receive various types of compensation for your damages. This can include coverage for any medical expenses you racked up after the being bitten,, reimbursement for damaged property and fumigation expenses, reimbursement of lost wages at work, and coverage for pain and suffering damages (mental stress, fear, anxiety, PTSD, and other traumatizing conditions that could have resulted from the infestation).

When you choose to file a bed bug lawsuit against a furniture store, you should be aware of the statute of limitations. In California, there is a two year limit to filing personal injury claims; therefore, if you take too long to take legal action, you will not be able to receive any compensation. There are exceptions, however, such as the temporary departure of the defendant from the state or your physical or mental incapacity of filing a claim. Your lawyer can help you lobby for any suspensions of the statute of limitations.

For more help initiating a furniture store bed bug lawsuit, call our law group.

Let Us Help
Our top-rated team of attorneys at the Bed Bug Legal Group can take care of your furniture store bed bug lawsuit. We have years of experience in this realm, and our primary goal is to ensure that all victims of bed bug infestations receive the compensation they deserve. You should not be expected to cover all of the ensuing expenses from an infestation; the responsible furniture store that sold you the contaminated items should be held liable. Our aggressive attorneys will work around the clock to negotiate a fair settlement from the insurance agency representing the store, and if we are not satisfied with the offer, we will take your furniture store bed bug lawsuit to court.

Call our law offices today to schedule a free consultation with a top attorney. We will look at your furniture store bed bug lawsuit and determine how much we believe we can earn for you. If you have questions about your case or the procedure, you are more than welcome to ask us and we will give you the information you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for more details; the more you know, the better.

If you choose us to represent you, you will also receive our zero fee guarantee. This policy is a promise that you will not have to pay any out of pocket expenses for your furniture store bed bug lawsuit. We will cover the costs of the case from beginning to end; if we win, our fees will be taken from the settlement we bring you. If we lose, you don’t owe us anything whatsoever, and you are off the hook for payment.
For assistance in filing a bed bug lawsuit against a furniture store, get in touch with one of our experienced attorneys at the Bed Bug Legal Group.


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