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Uncovering Bed Bugs in a Marriott Hotel

If you stay at a Marriott Hotel, your first order of business should be to search the room for bed bugs. It is much better to prevent the attack before it happens or potentially find a new room. You should not stay in a room that is infested with bed bugs.

First, look in the area immediately surrounding the bed, such as the dresser, night stand, couch, and any electrical outlets or picture frames. The bed bugs tend to hide underneath the drawer inside upholstery cushions, and in more hard-to-reach spaces that don’t get a lot of light. These damp, dark places are the ideal locations for bed bugs to make their nests.

If you don’t locate the bed bugs right away, it could be because they are nocturnal and do not come out during the day. You should instead search for signs of their nests. These signs include small cream colored eggs, brown mounds and droppings on the sheets, blood stains on the fabric, and skins of mature bed bugs that molted and reached maturity.

If you do find the bed bugs, you should immediately ask for a different room. It is better to switch rooms than it is to stay somewhere where you may suffer bites.

In the event that you still get bitten, you should pursue a bed bug lawsuit against Marriott Hotel. Our law group can provide you with a lawyer with experience in bed bug lawsuits against Marriott Hotel.

Marriott Hotel Bed Bug Lawsuit Information

Any hotel must provide its customers with a safe environment to occupy. There must be no vermin or unsanitary conditions present; these conditions could easily induce harm ad bring about sickness. Property owners must be aware of any hazards and take measures to correct them. Bed bugs, of course, should be noticed by cleaning staff and the hotel should be alerted.

If you were bitten by the creatures, you could file a Marriott Hotel bed bug lawsuit. You must be able to show that you were owed a duty of care that was breached, which caused an incident and physical harm. As a paying customer of a Marriott Hotel, you are owed a duty of care; the breach occurred when the infestation was allowed to happen and when the hotel allowed you to book and occupy a room that was unsanitary. Bed bug bites are examples of physical damages.

Keep in mind that if you were not harmed in the incident, you won’t be able to sue Marriott Hotel for bed bug injuries.

Can I sue Marriott Hotel for bed bug bites?

Yes, you can sue Marriott Hotel for bed bug bites. You may file a personal injury lawsuit against the hotel for coverage of the damages you accrued because of the bed bugs. As a customer, you should be given the highest level of care, and a bed bug infestation is a clear violation of that care.

Can I sue Marriott Hotel for bed bugs in my room which injured me?

Yes, you can sue Marriott Hotel for bed bugs in your room which injured you. You may find it difficult to pursue a lawsuit by yourself, however, because of the dedication and time required, as well as the necessary experience. A lawsuit involves a lot of negotiating with insurance agents; if you do not have any legal knowledge, you will likely have a troublesome time winning your case. This is one of the key reasons it is wise to hire a lawyer to sue Marriott Hotel for bed bug bites.

Steps to Take after Being Bitten

If you wake up to find that you were bitten by bed bugs, you should immediately search for the pests and take photos of them and their nests. You should also take pictures of the bites themselves so you have proof that the pests did harm you while you were at the hotel.

You should not alert the hotel staff until you take these photos. They will very likely move you from the room and clean it so that there are no more bed bugs, and they will certainly not let you back in to the room. This means that you will lose the opportunity to document the bed bugs, while the hotel will remove any liability. If you don’t have proof, you don’t have a lawsuit.

When you do tell the manager or staff about the infestation, though, you should ask to file an incident report. This is to make sure that the manager is aware of the problem and to document that there were bed bugs there that you complained about. You should also hold on to your receipt showing that you purchased a room at the hotel.

The hotel manager may try to give you vouchers or other kinds of compensation to make up for the incident. If you accept these perks, you will have a harder time claiming compensation for bed bug bites, as the manager will say that you already accepted restitution. Do not take anything from the manager; instead, simply ask for the incident report.

Importantly, you should contact one of our lawyers in Los Angeles that can sue Marriott Hotel for bed bug injuries. We’ll be able to help you through the legal process and will strive to bring you the maximum Marriott Hotel bed bugs compensation available under the law.

Fair Restitution from a Bed Bug Lawsuit

If you do wish to file a bed bug lawsuit against Marriott Hotel, you stand to gain numerous types of compensation for your damages. Bed bug bites can be itchy and blister, leading to infections and other problems. Although bed bugs don’t transmit diseases, there are still risks involved with being bitten. We can help you receive coverage for all of your medical bills and expenses.

You may also miss work during the incident because of the injuries or because your home was infested from taking the bed bugs back with you from the hotel. If you were forced to miss work, your lost wages could be reimbursed, as well as any missed income from future absent days.

You may have suffered extensive property damage as well, which can be recovered. Your personal belongings, clothing, luggage, and more can all be compensated.

A bed bug infestation can lead to extensive emotional pain and suffering. Compensation can be earned to cover PTSD, anxiety, fear, and more.

Contact a bed bug attorney for bed bug bites at Marriott Hotel to learn more about what you can earn from taking legal action.

A Law Firm with Results

The Bed Bug Legal Group in Los Angeles has proven results to show that we are the best choice for you if you were afflicted with bed bug bites at a hotel. We have years of experience serving clients and negotiating deals with various parties, and we are no stranger to claims involving Marriott Hotel. One of our attorneys to sue Marriott Hotel for bed bugs in your room will help you through the legal process and will aggressively negotiate a deal with the insurance company. We will not stop working until we receive a satisfactory offer to cover all the damages we requested.

Get in touch with our law offices today to schedule a free legal consultation with one of our lawyers. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can give you crucial information at any time. In a meeting, we’ll tell you what we believe we can earn for your case, and we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

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For more assistance, reach out to an attorney for bed bug injuries at Marriott Hotel at the Bed Bug Legal Group in Los Angeles, California.


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