Can I Sue the Days Inn for Bed Bug Bites or a Bed Bug Infestation in My Room?

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Bed bugs can be an extremely frustrating occurrence, especially if you are traveling at the time of the incident. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly where the infestation was that caused you to suffer bites if you stayed in numerous hotels. However, if you see bed bugs or know that you only resided in one location for your trip, you may be able to secure financial compensation for your damages. If you stayed at a Days Inn and suffered bed bug bites, our attorneys in Los Angeles at the Bed Bug Legal Group can help. We will ensure that you are fairly represented and will assist you in filing your bed bug lawsuit against Days Inn.

Bed Bug Details

Bed bugs are small creatures, only a few millimeters large; they are reddish brown in color with round, flat bodies that get engorged when they are filled with blood. They move around by crawling and make their nests in dark places near where their victims sleep: behind the headboards, behind electrical outlets and picture frames, in desk and nightstand drawers, underneath couch cushions and box springs, in mattress folds and within upholstery, in crevices near carpets, and more.

The creatures are very resilient and can last for weeks at a time without feeding; they may lay dormant and wait to come out to feast only once they know that there will be food. As a result, it can be difficult to identify the bugs, as they are nocturnal and do not tend to come out unless they are feasting.

You may not even notice the bites until a few days after the incident. The bugs have an anesthetic in their saliva that prevents you from feeling any pain or sensation when they bite you; you stay sound asleep while they feast, often uninterrupted for minutes at a time because of the anti-coagulant in their saliva.

The bites appear as small bumps in a zigzag pattern; they don’t itch too much but they can cause an irritating sensation. If you do scratch them, you run the risk of cutting them and increasing the chances of infection. The bugs are not known to carry any transmittable diseases, though.

For more in-depth information about bed bugs, contact our law firm. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and we will sue Days Inn for bed bug injuries.

Bed Bugs at a Hotel

Hotel managers and property owners have a duty to their customers to protect them while they are in the dwelling. Per the law, property owners must provide safe, healthy, sanitary living conditions and ensure that there are no hazards present that can induce harm; this means that there should be no vermin or bed bugs present. The cleaning stuff should always ensure that the rooms are free of anything unsanitary.

If the manager is aware of the bed bug problem and does nothing to alleviate it, he could be held grossly responsible for your injuries.

Often, individuals will ask us about Days Inn bed bug reports, the Days Inn bed bugs policy, how to secure a Days Inn bed bugs refund, and how to report bed bugs at a hotel. Essentially, Days Inn will refund you, but you should not take any further compensation, such as free rooms, extended stays, vouchers, and coupons. They will claim that you accepted fair compensation for bed bugs at a hotel and a lawsuit is unnecessary.

Can I sue Days Inn for bed bug bites?

Yes, you can sue Days Inn for bed bug bites. The hotel is supposed to protect its customers, and if you were bitten by bed bugs, that duty of care was violated. It resulted in an accident and caused physical harm. You have ample grounds for a Days Inn bed bug lawsuit. Our bed bug law firm for bed bug injuries at Days Inn can handle your claim.

Can I sue Days Inn for bed bugs in my room which injured me?

Yes, you can sue Days Inn for bed bugs in your room which injured you. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed if you suffer physical harm; if you do not get any bodily injuries, you won’t be able to take legal action. Bed bug bites can be painful if they become infected and you would need medical treatment to get better.

What do I do if I find bed bugs in my hotel?

If you find bed bugs in your hotel, you should immediately take as many photos as you can of the infestation. It is crucial that you have adequate evidence to show that the room was filled with bed bugs. Videos are also beneficial. Further, if you were bitten, you should take photos of your injuries.

Once you’ve taken all your photos, you should alert hotel staff. If you do this too soon, the manager will likely remove you from the room and clean it before you have a chance to acquire evidence. You will then be unable to file an effective lawsuit; he will claim that you had no proof of the damages. When you alert staff, you should ask to file an incident report with the hotel.

You should inspect your luggage and clothing as well to make sure that there are no stray bed bugs latched onto your belongings. If there are, they could hitch a ride home with you and cause an infestation in your home, which can take weeks to fully eradicate if you are not diligent.

It is extremely important that you contact a lawyer with experience in bed bug lawsuits against Days Inn. You will likely need an attorney to guide you through the legal process, but also to take care of your lawsuit for you. A lawsuit involves a lot of negotiation with insurance agents, and you may not have the dedication or energy to fight day in and day out for your rightful Days Inn bed bugs compensation. An attorney, therefore, is a wise choice.

Claiming Compensation for Bed Bug Bites

If you were bitten by bed bugs while at a hotel, you should hire an attorney for bed bug injuries at Days Inn. You should not be expected to pay for your own expenses if the property manager negligently allowed you to be in the same room as an infestation or if he did not take necessary steps to prevent the infestation from occurring. Our lawyers in Los Angeles that can sue Days Inn for bed bug injuries will try to secure you coverage for the following:

  • Medical expenses from the past and future in case you need to continually go to the doctor
  • Lost wages from the past and future in case you must miss days of work because of a temporary evacuation or medical treatments
  • Property damage of anything you own that was affected by the creatures
  • Emotional pain and suffering, like PTSD and psychological trauma, brought on by as rough an ordeal as bed bugs

Talk with a lawyer to sue Days Inn for bed bug bites today to learn more about what you can earn.

Statute of Limitations on Bed Bug Lawsuits

According to law in California, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit against a hotel for bed bugs. If you do not file your claim within this window, the deadline will have run out, and you will not be able to receive compensation. It is important that you talk with a lawyer to determine how much time you have left in your statute of limitations so that you can acquire as much evidence as possible.

Certain circumstances can prevent you from having to strictly adhere to the time limit; if you were underage, the deadline would not start until you turned 18, and if the defendant left the state or the country, the statute would be suspended until he returned.

One of our attorneys to sue Days Inn for bed bugs in your room can give you more details.

Our Dedication

The Bed Bug Legal Group in Los Angeles dedicates itself to helping those who need assistance filing a lawsuit against a Days Inn for bed bug injuries. We have spent years handling these types of claims and believe that there is no better firm in the area for your case. We promise to aggressively pursue your fair settlement and will continuously negotiate with the insurance agent until he makes a worthwhile offer. If no offer comes, we’ll go to court to win your case in front of a jury.

Call our firm to set up a free legal consultation with one of our lawyers. You can ask us anything you wish and we’ll look over your case to see how much we believe we can win for you. We will also tell you more about our zero fee guarantee, which promises you won’t pay us any out of pocket fees throughout the case. We’ll only get paid if we win, and if we lose, you can walk away without owing us any money whatsoever.

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