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Can You Sue AirBNB for Bed Bug Bites?

AirBNB is a rental program that allows users to search through listed apartments, homes, condos, and more to set up temporary residence. It can be for as long as one night, usually used while passing through a town, or as a vacation spot for weeks at a time. Some AirBNB hosts even set up homes specifically for rental purposes to make extra income on the side. However, there may be issues with the homes, especially if the hosts do not perform adequate maintenance and clean-up. One such issue is bed bugs, which can completely ruin a home if left unattended. They can also latch onto the luggage brought in by guests and spread elsewhere, to personal homes and other hotels. They can even be left behind in cars and other transportation. It is important that you, as a guest of an AirBNB, know the legal options you have if you were harmed by bed bugs during your stay. For more Airbnb bed bug lawsuit information, contact our law group, the Bed Bug Legal Group. We can help you sue for bed bugs at an Airbnb rental if you suffered painful and itchy bedbug bites during your stay.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that feast on human blood. They can be at home in any type of environment, whether dirty or clean, so it does not matter what kind of hotel or AirBNB you are staying at – they can be brought in from anywhere. The primary problem with the creatures lies in their hardiness and how sneaky they can be. For example, they may not be noticed for weeks at a time due to having just fed or not having any victims nearby. They do not need to drink blood for weeks and can survive just fine. Similarly, they are difficult to kill and can reproduce rapidly, spreading an infestation in as little as a few days.

Some key points about bed bugs can be found below:

  • Round-bodied and flat
  • Cannot fly; can only crawl from place to place
  • Saliva has anesthetic to prevent you from feeling the bites and an anti-coagulant to prevent the blood from clotting
  • They can feast for up to 10 minutes at a time and leave behind a patented zigzag pattern
  • They are not known to transmit or carry diseases
  • Their bites are not as severely itchy as flea bites but can be irritating nonetheless
  • Bites do not show up immediately; they may take a few hours or days to present themselves as raised red marks on the skin

If your Airbnb house had bed bugs, you may be able to sue the owner or file an Airbnb rental bed bug infestation lawsuit.

Can I sue Airbnb for bed bug bites?

Yes, you can sue Airbnb for bed bug bites, but only if it can be shown that AirBNB had prior knowledge about the infestation or if they can be held negligent in some way. If you brought the bed bugs in, for example, you would likely not be able to sue AirBNB for bed bug bites.

Can I sue the home owner of an Airbnb rental for bed bug bites?

What are bed bugs Yes, you can sue the homeowner of an Airbnb rental for bed bug bites. Homeowners and those who rent out properties have a duty to provide safe, healthy, and sanitary living quarters to any and all guests. A bed bug infestation is a direct violation of this duty.

Can an Airbnb guest sue Airbnb for bed bug injuries?

Yes, an Airbnb guest can sue Airbnb for bed bug injuries, but you should not do so without the help of an experienced lawyer. AirBNB explicitly states in its insurance policies that bed bugs are one of the incidents that are not covered for hosts. However, if a host did not clean the house at all between visitors, you may be able to sue Airbnb for bed bug bites if they negligently allowed him to continue renting out the home.

Airbnb Bed Bug Lawsuit Attorney

Airbnb Bed Bug Lawsuit Attorney

If you wish to file an Airbnb bed bug injury lawsuit, it is recommended that you hire an Airbnb bed bug lawsuit attorney. It is equally important that you collect evidence. You must have ample evidence to back up your claim that you were hurt by bed bugs so you can file a lawsuit against Airbnb for the bed bug bites. The first and most important piece of evidence that you can acquire is medical records showing that you were injured, as well as photographs and videos of the damages you suffered. You can snap pictures of your bites, which may have festered and turned into sores, especially if you absentmindedly scratched them in your sleep.
The next piece of evidence that will be crucial is photographs of the bed bugs themselves. In order to find them, you should look in damp, dark places that are near where you slept or where anyone could possibly sleep. You may find them underneath cushions and couches, behind electrical outlets and picture frames, in the folds of mattresses and blankets, below torn carpeting, and behind baseboards and headboards. Indicators of bed bugs include small, cream colored eggs, shed exoskeletons from matured bed bugs, black or dark brown spots on the mattress from dried blood, and brown droppings.

Airbnb Bed Bug Lawsuit Attorney

It is important that you do not alert the property owner of the bed bugs until you have acquired your own evidence. He will likely try to make you leave the property while he cleans it, which would prevent you from taking pictures and having anything to back up your claim. You should file an incident report with AirBNB, though, to let them know of the problem.

It can be helpful to have eyewitness statements and records and testimonies from other guests who stayed with you. This will help show that you were hurt by the creatures and that they were present in the AirBNB.

With all of this evidence, you will have a better chance of winning a lawsuit. However, it is important that you reach out to a lawyer to sue an Airbnb host for bed bugs. One of our experienced bed bug attorneys who can help with Airbnb bed bug cases will be able to negotiate a fair settlement from the company or the property owner. You may not have ample negotiating knowledge or experience with the law to do so, and you may have to deal with other problems related to the bugs. Leave the lawsuit up to our firm, and we’ll bring you the compensation you deserve.

Legal Details

If you wish to file an Airbnb bed bug bite infestation lawsuit, you will do so under the moniker of premises liability. Premises liability protects individuals who are on other peoples’ properties. In the case of an AirBNB rental, you would be considered an invitee, or someone who has a mutual benefit to being on the property (namely as a paying guest spending money for hospitality). You are owed the highest duty of care in this case.

Premises liability requires that the responsible individual be found guilty of one of these points:

  • Caused the incident or hazard on the property
  • Was aware of the hazard and chose to do nothing to fix it
  • Should have reasonably known there was a hazard had any viable inspections occurred

Property owners who rent out AirBNBs should always be aware of the condition of their homes, and AirBNB should take care to ensure that nobody who has a dirty or infested property can post a listing on their app or website.

If you need more information, a bed bug attorney for Airbnb bed bug claims can explain. Contact our firm more assistance.

Compensation from a Bed Bug Lawsuit Against an AirBNB Rental

People sometimes ask, “Can an Airbnb guest get compensated for damages?” and “Can an Airbnb guest receive compensation for bed bug bites?” The answer yes, a guest can receive compensation if his Airbnb room is infested with bed bugs. As a victim, you are eligible of receiving various kinds of compensation, including:

  • Medical coverage for bills from the past and future
  • Property damage
  • Fumigation costs
  • Lost income from absent days at work from the past and future
  • Pain and suffering

You should not be responsible for paying for these damages if you were not the cause of the infestation. AirBNB should be liable for your damages, or the property owner should pay for your expenses.

Statute of Limitations on Bed Bug Claims

You have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the responsible company or property owner for your bed bug injuries. If you take too long, you will not be able to take any legal action whatsoever. It is necessary that you act as quickly as possible to have all your evidence assembled and sent out to the required insurance company so that your claim can be weighed.

There are some exceptions to the statute: if you were underage, the time limit would begin counting down once you turned 18 years old. Moreover, if the defendant left the state, the deadline would be extended to match the point he returned him. A lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for any other extensions.

How We Help
How We Help
If you got bed bug bites from staying at an Airbnb, you should contact our law firm, the Bed Bug Legal Group. We have had years of experience handling bed bug lawsuits and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We have handled cases from numerous locations, including Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, and New Orleans. We will gladly handle your case for you and take it to court if necessary. Our aggressive lawyers will not stop until you receive a settlement offer that satisfies you.

Call us today to set up a free legal consultation with an expert lawyer. If you have questions about the legal process, we’ll answer them. All of our consultations are completely confidential – none of your private information will be shared elsewhere.

If you hire us, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee, a promise that you won’t have to pay any out of pocket expenses for our services. We won’t get paid until and unless we win, and the money will be taken out of the settlement we win from the defendant. If we lose, you won’t be required to pay us any fees whatsoever, and you can walk away debt free to our firm.

To get started on your bed bug lawsuit against AirBNB, contact the Bed Bug Legal Group today.


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