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Can I Sue the Rental Company for an RV Camper Infested with Bed Bugs?

Yes, you can sue the rental company for an RV camper that is infested with bed bugs. When there are bed bugs in an RV camper, it is nearly impossible to get them out. They can hide in all areas including in the wall structure, flooring, bedding, pipe areas, ceiling areas, behind structures and furniture and nearly every inch of carpeting or insulation. Some people will waste an immeasurable amount of time and money attempting to get rid of a bed bug infestation, without reviewing the extent of the infestation first.

It is possible to control and remove any bed bugs from an RV camper, but it will take some time and effort on the part of the owner of the RVs. The area where the bed bugs are hiding will be extensive, and there may be the need to use pesticides, steam cleaners or bug “bombs” to get rid of bed bugs in an RV camper. A professional pest removal company may need to be called in these cases, when there is a large and extensive bed bug infestation in the RV camper. When you give us a call today, we can sue and bring an action against the at-fault parties for an RV camper infested with bed bugs. Just call our Los Angeles case lawyers, where we can file a lawsuit on your behalf. You will feel at ease talking to our case attorneys in Los Angeles, call today.

Beg Bug Bites

When there are bed bugs in an RV camper, it is a recipe for disaster, because they can hide in every nook and cranny without being found out. Bed bugs bite their human hosts for a blood meal, and they need to suck the blood good to get nourishment. This means that you will wake up with welts on your arms, legs, trunk, face and entire body, when you have been dined on by bed bugs all night. Bed bug saliva has active proteins in it that biologically cause skin rashes, allergies and irritations once a person is bitten. Many people can go through stages of irritation from a bed bug bite, including:

  1. No reaction
  2. Immediate reaction
  3. Delayed reaction
  4. Immediate and delayed reaction
  5. No visible reaction

Can Bed Bugs Live in Campers?

You can expect to find raised, inflamed and red-looking welts on your body, if you have been bitten by blood sucking bed bugs. These bugs will not stop biting you for a blood meal when they are active in the evening and early morning hours. Because they hide in the crevices of an RV camper, you may never see them, but the bites are a telltale sign that they have set up shop and are there to stay. If you have rented an RV camper or bought one new or used, you may be infested with bed bugs. In the case that this has occurred, you may have unwillingly also taken the bulk of this bed bug infestation to your

What Causes Bed Bugs to Show Up?

Bed bugs can be seen in an RV camper that is otherwise very clean and tidy. Remember, bed bugs do not just hang out in “dirty” or unclean areas, they can be found literally anywhere. They are in areas that are traditionally clean, dirty and everything in between. The bed bugs are only around and waiting for a live human host, in order to get a blood meal. The bed bugs do not care how posh or rustic the area is where they live. They only want to bite someone and get blood, that is all that there is to it.

Are Bed Bugs Common in Campers?

Yes, bed bugs are a common site in RV campers. If you have been attacked by bed bugs while renting an RV camper, or in an RV used or new camper that you just bought, you need to give us a call today. You may have a scarcity on ideas on how to process the situation, or of knowing what to do after your accident. That is where we come in, just give us a call today.

Why Bed Bugs Are Bad?

Bed bugs can cause several serious allergies on humans, when people are bitten by a bed bug in an RV camper. If this has happened to you, then you need to call us to talk to a lawyer with experience in winning personal injury cases from a bed bug bite that caused issues with allergies, rashes or other serious problems breathing. You can call our law offices today, and we will be ready to discuss your case with you right now.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We are able to give to you a zero-fee guarantee, related to your case when you call us about an RV camper vehicle bed bug infestation. That means that you will not need to pay us any money up front, and we will be able to start your case for you right now.

Free Second Opinion

We are here to give to you a free second opinion regarding your case. You can talk to our legal team of attorneys, who specialize in managing and winning cases related to RV camper vehicle bed bug infestations. You can call us today, to talk with a lawyer with a firm specialty in settling claims for personal injuries related to bed bug infestation bites. You will want to talk to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles today, we are here for you and ready to take your call right now.

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