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Motorcycles are popular alternatives to traditional methods of transportations. Motorcycles are often more affordable than cars and more cost-effective considering the few dollars necessary for gas. Motorcycles can also steer clear of traffic jams, resulting in faster commuting times. What is the downfall of motorcycles? Unfortunately, motorcyclists are vulnerable to other vehicles on the road. They are smaller, faster, and harder to see. Because of that, motorcyclists are vulnerable to being struck. When motorcyclists are struck by other vehicles, victims can become airborne and suffer many injuries.

What can injured motorcyclists do if they are involved in collisions? What are their rights? Many injured motorcyclists are unfamiliar with their rights after an accident with another vehicle. Because of that, they do not seek legal assistance and are left without the compensation to which they are entitled. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you must seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Bed Bug Legal Group is a firm with an extensive background handling personal injury claims—including motorcycle accident claims. Our experienced attorneys have helped many injured motorcyclists exercise their rights. Our lawyers will fight for you until you recover the maximum amount of compensation available for your claim. In the following sections, you will find general information about motorcycle accident claims; however, you should not use the sections below as your only sources of information. You must contact our firm and request to speak with our experienced motorcycle attorneys.

Liability and Negligence
All drivers have a duty to drive cautiously to avoid injuries to all parties that might be on the road. If you were struck by a driver who was breaching his or her duty of care, the driver might be found negligent and liable for your injuries. Motorcyclists are injured when drivers breach their duty of care and do the following: drive over the speed limit, ignore traffic signals, fail to yield to others, drive while under the influence, drive while distracted, and change lanes without checking for blind spots, for example. If you were injured because a driver breached his or her duty of care in any of the ways mentioned above, you could file a lawsuit. However, you might also carry some liability for your accident. Motorcyclists also have a duty of care—to ride safely and cautiously to avoid collisions and injuries. If your reckless actions contributed to your injuries, you might be found comparatively negligent. Comparative negligence does not affect your eligibility to sue but does affect the amount of compensation you might receive. For more information on establishing liability and negligence for your claim, you should contact the skilled motorcycle accident attorneys at Bed Bug Legal Group.

Common Injuries
The types of injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents depend on many factors, such as the speed and force of impact. The severity of possible injuries might be lessened in motorcyclists are wearing heavy-duty protective gear, for example. In general, motorcyclists might suffer the following injuries: road burn, head and brain injuries, broken bones, fractures, back injuries, neck injuries, knee and leg injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries, lacerations, severed limbs, and spinal cord injuries, for example. Many of these injuries require extensive medical care and physical therapy for recovery. In some instances, the injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents result in permanent damage.

Compensation Available
Are you eligible to receive compensation if you file a motorcycle accident claim? The short answer is yes; you might receive compensation. However, there is no way to identify the exact compensation you might recover for your claim without the expert evaluation of one of our motorcycle accident attorneys. Some of the categories of compensation available for recovery are listed below:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Funeral and burial costs

For in-depth information about the type and amount of compensation available for your motorcycle accident claim, you must contact our law firm as soon as possible. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will evaluate your claim and fight for your right to recover the maximum amount of compensation available for your claim.

Statute of Limitations
If you are interested in filing a motorcycle accident claim, you must file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations—or deadline to sue. If you do not file your claim within the allowed timeframe, you might lose your right to sue. The statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents often consists of two-years. However, the statute can vary depending on the state in which you suffered your accident. Some exceptions to the statute might also apply, affecting your timeline to sue. Because of that, you must speak with our attorneys as soon as possible. Our attorneys will evaluate your claim and give you all the information necessary for you to understand the statute of limitations that applies to your claim.

Bed Bug Legal Group
Bed Bug Legal Group is a firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of all victims of personal injuries. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you must seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Our attorneys will give you all the information you need to begin your legal process and file a claim against the party liable for your injuries. Our firm offers free consultations and free second opinions to all victims of motorcycle accidents. Our attorneys will answer all questions, concerns, and clarify any confusion or doubts left by the incompetent attorneys with which you might have previously spoken.

Our free consultations and free second opinions are available through our Zero-Fee guarantee. Our Zero-Fee guarantee ensures that our clients never have to worry about paying any upfront legal fees for our services. Our firm is strictly based on contingency; therefore, our clients will not be required to pay any legal fees until after our attorneys win their claims. Contact Bed Bug Legal Group as soon as possible; our motorcycle accident attorneys will provide you with the legal guidance you deserve.


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