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When you spend a night in a hotel room, you expect to check-out without any issues – other than the guaranteed issues that the front desk will have regarding your stay. It’s not an official hotel if the front desk is competent.

You pay good money to stay at hotels and so you expect it to be clean and free of insects as well as other pests. That’s the very minimum you expect. Free chocolates and other snacks are an added bonus and good hospitality by the hotel, but if your hotel doesn’t do that the very least they could do is offer their customers a neat and tidy room without the risk of harmful bug bites, especially bed bug bites.

Normally, housekeeping does a pretty good job at reporting incidents to the hotel management. They have hundreds of rooms to go through, it’s very possible that they might miss the very small insects underneath a mattress or hidden on the carpet or sofa. One insect may not seem like much, but bed bugs are resilient little insects that can repopulate an entire room with just one single egg-laying female. So if there’s an infestation that’s missed, it could wreak havoc not only in that room, but across the entire property and spread out into the world.

If you received bed bug bites, or found a bed bug in your room, you’ll be left wondering about your options. Your initial thoughts may be:

  • Can a guest in a hotel who gets bed bug bites can receive compensation?
  • How do I report bed bugs at a hotel?
  • What sort of compensation can I receive for bed bug injuries from a hotel room?
  • Can You Get Compensation for Bed Bugs at a Hotel?
  • I found bed bugs in my hotel room. What do I do?
  • Are hotels liable for bed bugs?

If you’re wondering if you can receive compensation for bed bug bites in your hotel room, the answer is yes. Yes, you can get compensation for bed bugs at a hotel. This is where our experienced bed bug attorneys come in. Our bed bug lawyers understand your rights when it comes to bed bugs and will fight for justice to ensure that the hotel pays for your damages and that you get compensated for a bed bug infestation at your hotel room.

Contact our bed bug injury law firm today to receive the compensation you deserve.

How to Report Bed Bugs at a Hotel

Bed bugs can leave very nasty bites on their victims, and because they’re incredibly resilient creatures, you need a professional bed bug exterminator to fully eliminate them from the room.

Personal injury lawsuit settlements depend entirely on the extent of the damage received by the victim. In other words, the worse the bed bug bites and damages received during your stay at the hotel, the more value your case will have. Bad bed bug bites are not the only key to a successful and valuable case. Among the most important is the quality of your bed bug lawyer and their ability to build a case against the hotel. If your lawyer is inexperienced, they will not be able to put together the necessary case to get you maximum compensation for your damages. Our experienced attorneys know the exact method to build the right case to get you the most compensation available to you. A good case is not without evidence. While our attorneys will be able to build a strong case in your favor, you aren’t exempt from responsibilities.

If you claim that you got painful bed bug bites at a hotel but there’s no absolutely no record of your injury, we won’t be able to manifest evidence out of thin air. You need a record of the infestation and of your injuries.

So, if you received bed bug bites during your stay in a hotel, you must do the following to create the best record possible of your injuries. Only then will you be on the right path to claiming compensation for bed bug bites.

What to Do If You Get Bed Bugs from a Hotel

  1. Document Everything

Your first step should be to take pictures of all the damage. Take pictures of your bites and of the mattress, or other infected pieces of furniture. Make sure to get as many as possible to show the extent of the damage.

Next, you want to document the hotel’s information. The manager’s name, housekeeping staff that cleaned your room, as well as any records of when the room was last cleaned and inspected. Additionally, you’ll want to know if there’ve been any previous complains about bed bugs in that room or other room in the hotel. You can look at to know if your hotel has been reported in the past.

After you get as much information on the hotel, you’ll want to document any activity after that. If you see a doctor for the medical bites, make sure to keep all your paperwork regarding the visit.

If you had to destroy your property in an effort to destroy the bed bugs and prevent an outbreak, make sure to document everything you destroyed: suitcase, shirts, pants, ties, shoes, etc.

  1. Contact the County Health Department

Having an official government record of your incident is not only helpful to prevent future outbreaks, but it is monumental for your case. Oftentimes, they will immediately send out one of their representatives to inspect the room and record the incident. Ask for a copy of the report and keep it in your documents.

  1. Avoid Hotel Managers and Insurance

Hotel management and their insurance company will do anything to avert liability from themselves. Many will attempt to blame the guest or other guests and deny liability. Others will try to make a quick clean and extermination, so it’s important that you contact the County Health Department before they are able to get to the room. If your vacation hasn’t come to an end and you believe have not been infected with bed bugs, you must demand another room. If you accept too many forms of compensation, though, you will have a harder time collecting any compensation for bed bug bites at a hotel. The staff and owner can claim that you were properly recouped.

  1. Get Medical Attention

Bed bug bites vary from person to person because the reaction is an immune response to the bed bugs. Some people may never even notice they were bitten while other may swell with massive red welts. To build your case, you need to visit the doctor and get the right medical attention to treat your bed bug bites. Make sure to keep all necessary documentation of a visit. Things like procedures done, cost of your visit, cost of medical treatment, and other such things.

  1. Seek Legal Advice

Attorneys are there to protect and fight for your rights. Experienced bed bug attorneys understand the details of how to build a case. Without the right attorneys, you risk devaluing your case substantially. Our attorneys will help you recover the maximum compensation possible for your case. That includes medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Our lawyers have years of experience and will not leave a single stone unturned when it comes to the integrity of your case. We will be able to file a bed bug lawsuit against a hotel when you are too stressed out or if you are in the process of moving and cleaning your home. You may not be in the right condition to pursue hotel bed bug injury compensation, but we are.

Property Owner Liability at a Hotel

Hotels are liable for bed bugs because of the laws focused on preserving safe environments for customers. A hotel must not have any unsanitary conditions, and be bugs fall under contamination. Thus, even their presence is a violation. If you suffered any bites, you should always pursue bed bug injury compensation from a hotel. You can take action if there is a display of any of these three points:

The bed bugs were brought in by the owner

The owner knew there were bed bugs and chose not to fix the issue

The owner did not know about the bed bugs but reasonably should have if he were diligent

If you can prove any of these points as true, you can receive compensation for bed bug bites and other injuries from a hotel. One of the key points about securing bed bug hotel lawsuit compensation lies in showing that the hotel was negligent. That is, you must establish that the hotel had a duty of care owed to you that was breached, for which an incident happened that resulted in physical injuries. You won’t get bed bug bites hotel compensation if you weren’t bitten. You’ll only get bed bugs hotel compensation if you suffered physical harm.

Hotel Bed Bug Compensation Lawsuit

A guest at a hotel who gets bed bug bites can receive compensation in the form of a bed bugs hotel lawsuit. Our lawyers will strive to bring you the maximum compensation for bed bug infestation at a hotel; you should not be expected to cover the costs stemming from the damages by yourself, especially if the hotel was negligent in some way.

Medical Bills – Medical bills in the United States are criminally expensive. A simple visit to the doctor’s office could cost you thousands of dollars. Our attorneys will build the right case and get you the maximum policy on your case. We will fight until you receive the settlement you deserve for your bodily injuries. You won’t have to worry about medical bills and you can focus solely on recovery.

Lost Wages – When you don’t work, you don’t get paid. That can be troublesome if you have bills, rent, a mortgage, student loans, credit card debt, and more to pay. If your bed bug injuries were so severe that they prevented you from working, you have a right to recover your lost wages. For example, if you were unable to work for 40 hours, you would recover the lost wages.

Property Damage – It’s completely possible that the bed bugs that festered in your hotel room spread and caused more damage when you got home. You can recover fees for your lost property that was damaged as a result of the bed bugs. Make sure to keep a record of everything you lost due to the bed bugs. Bed bugs can travel on things like your suitcase, bags, mattress, clothing, and more, leaving them ruined.

You deserve fair compensation for bed bugs at a hotel. Our team of expert attorneys can help.

Bed Bug Lawyers

Our bed bug attorneys offer many promotions that can help you with the legal process. We offer these promotions because we understand that the legal process can be arduous – it involves a lot of questioning and answering, and that can add a lot of stress to the victim which could interfere with their recovery. Let us help you if you need hotel bed bugs compensation.

We offer free legal consultation and free second opinions. Free legal consultation gives you the opportunity to speak with one of our attorneys. They will answer any question you may have regarding your case and explain the entire legal process. This comes at no obligation to you, so you have nothing to lose.

Free second opinions give you the opportunity to give you a new perspective on your case. Unfortunately, many attorneys are in the business to get rich. That means they’ll accept any offer and kick you out of their office as soon as they get their share. Our attorneys will take an honest look at your case and give you a proper estimate for the value of your case.


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