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Connecticut state law regarding bed bugs is easy enough to understand. Connecticut statutes and constitution essentially state that bed bug infestations must be sufficiently and quickly examined by property owners, and then deal with appropriately. The exception is if the infestation was expressly caused by the tenant or customer. Many Connecticut state bed bug laws merely hearken to a public health code. These health laws and building codes are primarily used by property owners, but both renters and landlords should be aware of them, as well as anyone who frequently travels to hotels. A violation of a city ordinance by a responsible owner, such as by refusing to investigate a bed bug claim and allowing others to suffer bites, can result in fines. The landlord responsibility and the duty of the hotel owner should both center around the customer. For more details on Connecticut bed bug laws and the presence of bed bugs in Connecticut, you can contact our law firm, the Bed Bug Legal Group. We will give you all the information you need on bed bug law and legal statutes in Connecticut.

Facts About Bed Bugs

There are some telltale ways to identify bed bugs. These are the facts:

  • Small, round-bodied, flat, and reddish-brown in color
  • Can only crawl
  • Musty odor
  • Prefer to make nests in damp, dark places near where victims sleep
  • Eggs are oval shaped and cream colored
  • Indicators of bed bugs include exoskeletons, blood stains on sheets, and brown mounds or droppings
  • Can live for months at a time without feeding

Connecticut Bed Bug Laws

As with many laws, bed bug issues are handled with respect to the sanitation and housing aspects of the law. Connecticut bed bug bite laws can also be applied to other pests, such as fleas and roaches. The responsible party must always clear the premises of such pests, especially if the premises is an apartment building or a hotel.

There are no specific laws regarding bed bug infestations or any clear cut Connecticut law on bed bugs. However, as long as you understand laws regarding Connecticut pests and dwelling, you will be in good shape.

How To Learn More About Bed Bug Laws In Connecticut

If you want more details about bed bug laws in Connecticut state, you can read the specific ordinances. They are located in Section 47 of the CT General Statutes library. You can also contact a representative at your local government office.

It may prudent of you to call our firm if you want more info on Connecticut bed bug law. We will also give you proper advice on how to move forward with a claim if necessary. We have handled many Connecticut bed bug cases, and we know that the laws in Connecticut can be difficult to understand. You should not be dissuaded from pursuing your rightful damages just because bed bug laws in Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, North Stamford confused or frustrated you.

Connecticut Apartment Bed Bug Law

Connecticut landlord bed bug laws state that landlords must do whatever is necessary to keep a premises clean and sanitary, provided that the infestation was not caused by the tenant. By the same token, Connecticut tenant bed bug laws dictate that those living in apartments must do all they can to abide by health codes and building laws, and they must alert the landlord to the presence of bed bugs. It can be hard to know all of the Connecticut renter bed bug laws, so it is generally a safe bet to ask your landlord about anything before moving forward.

You should be aware of your rights as a tenant. Many bed bug infestations in Connecticut apartments result in individuals being unfairly treated and having to spend too much money to fix damages they should not have been responsible for in the first place. By reading up on Connecticut landlord tenant laws regarding bed bugs, you can ensure that you’re wholly protected in the case of an infestation.

The landlord can fix the problem by asking an exterminator to spray bed bug pesticide or by calling in experts who can remove the bugs another way. The landlord responsibility will only change if you caused the infestation, in which case, according to apartment bed bug laws in Connecticut, you would be responsible for the damages and cleanup. If, however, the landlord knew about the issue and did nothing or caused the problem and still took no action, you could sue a landlord in Connecticut for bed bugs.

Connecticut Hotel Bed Bug Laws

Connecticut motel bed bug laws state that hotels must be appropriately clean and sanitary for all guests. If there are multiple rooms that are infested, owners must take care to clean all of them. This problem could potentially result in a bed bug lawsuit in Connecticut, as well as numerous fines.

Bed bugs laws for hotel bed bugs in Connecticut dictate that infestations must be cleared up. If there is an infestation in your room and you suffer injuries, you could file a Connecticut bed bug infestation lawsuit under Connecticut law. To avoid hotels that have a history of infestations, check the bedbug registry.

connecticut bed bug infestation lawyer compensation attorney sue
Statute Of Limitations For A Connecticut Bed Bug Case In Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, you only have two years to file a Connecticut bed bug lawsuit. This amount of time can be lengthened if you were underage at the time of the injury (the statute would not kick in until you turned 18 years old) or if the defendant left the state (the deadline would be extended to match the date that he returned). This is true of any personal injury lawsuit.

Compensation From Bed Bug Cases In Connecticut

If you suffered from bed bug injuries while at a hotel or while in your apartment in Connecticut, you could file a claim against the responsible party. Bed bug lawsuits can be worth over $100,000 if you were a victim of gross negligence and the defendant did not take any action to correct the issue.

You could receive coverage for the following:

  • Property damage if your personal items were destroyed or needed to be thrown out due to the infestation
  • Medical expenses if the bed bug bites caused you to suffer an allergic reaction or any infections
  • Reimbursement of rent or hotel costs
  • Extermination and fumigation fees
  • Lost wages from days of missed work
  • Emotional pain and suffering, such as fear, anxiety, PTSD, and more

If you need assistance securing this compensation and want to file a claim, contact a Connecticut bed bug injury lawyer at our firm. We’ll be glad to help you through the whole legal process. We know bed bugs laws inside and out, and we will make sure to bring you the maximum restitution available to you under the law.

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