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The Hyatt Regency is just like any other hotel that features a lot of guests every month – it has its issues with sanitation and the hazards within the property can harm visitors. You may be staying at the hotel only to be greeted by the sight of a bed bug infestation, or you may wake up and discover numerous bites all over your body. It is scary and infuriating to be affected by bed bugs, especially because of how easy it is for them to move from one area to another. You may want to leave the hotel as quickly as possible, but there could be bed bugs on your luggage. And when you take them home, it is extremely difficult to eradicate them. For the best help available in the event of bites from a bed bug infestation at a Hyatt Regency, call our law firm, the Bed Bug Legal Group.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small creatures that feast on human blood in the night hours. They are a few millimeters in length, reddish-brown in color, flat and not rotund, and round-shaped. They make nests and thrive together when there are ample victims nearby. The bed bugs, which are nocturnal, are able to drink blood without arousing suspicion or waking their victims because they can bite without inflicting pain thanks to an anesthetic in their spit. They can then feast uninterrupted while the blood freely flows because of an anticoagulant also present in their saliva. Thus, if you’re bitten in the night, you may not know until the next day. Can I Sue Hyatt Regency Hotel for Bed Bugs?

Bed bug bites tend to show up later than when the meal happened. They are small red welts that itch a bit and appear as a zigzag pattern on the body, usually on exposed skin where clothes do not shield you.

Often, individuals will confuse bed bugs for fleas. While bed bugs only get around by crawling, fleas can jump long distances relative to their body sizes. They also primarily stay in animal beds and cling to animals, not humans (although they will bite humans if given the chance).

Bed bugs tend to be very hardy and can survive a lot of different negative situations. Chief among them is the ability to survive despite no food source; they can go for months without drinking any blood, and thus can remain dormant in a room without alerting anyone for some time.

Where Do Bed Bugs Make Nests?

Bed bugs make their nests in dark, damp places that are not easily accessible. They prefer to stay near their victims for quick and easy trips for meals. You can search the following locations for bed bugs:

  • Behind electrical outlets
  • Underneath couch cushions
  • Below upholstery
  • Inside dresser drawers
  • Behind picture frames and paintings
  • Behind baseboards
  • Underneath box springs and bed frames
  • Inside blankets and sheets
  • Inside the mattress folds
  • Against headboards
  • Below carpets and rugs

If you locate bed bugs in any of the above places, you should immediately take photos and consider filing a Hyatt Regency bed bug lawsuit.

Can I Sue Hyatt Regency for Bed Bugs?

You can sue Hyatt Regency for bed bugs if there was an infestation and you suffered losses or damages of some kind. Often, individuals will sue because their furniture was ruined or their clothing was destroyed. They will need to throw away a lot of personal items and replace them. The hotel can be held accountable in such cases.

Can You Sue Hyatt Regency for Bed Bug Bites?

You can file a bed bug lawsuit against Hyatt Regency because you were bitten by the creatures during your stay. Bed bug bites constitute injuries, which means you can file a personal injury claim against the hotel. In California, the law dictates that apartments and hotels must have sanitary housing conditions for all employees. Vermin, filth, and infestations are all violations of this law, and hotels can be fined for not keeping guests safe and clean.

How To File A Lawsuit Against Hyatt Regency For Bed Bugs

You can file a personal injury lawsuit against Hyatt Regency for bed bugs. A personal injury claim is based on negligence. In this case, the hotel was negligent in protecting you and caused an incident in which you were hurt. Therefore, the hotel can be held responsible for your ensuing damages.

Specifically, you will want to file a premises liability claim. This type of claim applies to private property and individuals on the property. Customers at hotels fit the bill of invitees, or those who are present for a mutual benefit, usually involving the exchange of money. Social guests are known as licensees and they are afforded less care than invitees. Trespassers have no legal right to be on the property.

To move forward with your premises liability claim, you must show that the hotel property manager or owner behaved in only one of these three ways:

  • He caused the bed bug infestation
  • He knew about the bed bug infestation but did not take any actions to fix it
  • He did not know about the bed bug infestation, but if he were more attentive or active in his investigations or held his staff to a higher standard, he reasonably should have known

If you need to figure out where to file a claim for bed bug bites while staying at a Hyatt Regency, you can call our law offices for more help. The Hyatt Regency Hotel bed bug policy will have been violated, and you may not know how to report a bed bug in a hotel and take legal action. We can assist you.

Here Is How to File a Bed Bug Claim Against Hyatt Regency

  • Get medical attention for your bites
  • Hold on to medical notes and receipts
  • Take pictures of the bites
  • Photograph the hotel and the infestation
  • Hold on to copies of your credit card statements and hotel receipts
  • Interview fellow guests and hotel workers to get additional proof of the bed bugs from other people
  • File an incident report with the hotel after you have collected your evidence
  • Do not accept any compensation from the hotel for your cooperation
  • Call our firm to speak with a lawyer with experience in Hyatt Regency bed bug lawsuits

Hyatt Regency Bed Bug Lawsuit Restitution

The biggest bed bug lawsuit settlements have amounted to over $1,000,000. However, these cases are generally the exception to the rule, as they may feature an extremely high level of negligence and a large number of injuries to multiple guests. It may even be a class action lawsuit filed by numerous plaintiffs against one defendant. More realistically, the typical hotel bed bug settlement is often less than $10,000. This is due to a few reasons.

For one, the injuries may not be as severe as you would believe. Bites are not long-lasting like broken bones or torn muscles. The allergic reactions that some have to the bites can warrant ample treatment, though. Additionally, the costs associated with the economic losses may not be too high, either.

What it boils down to is this: the insurance agent will do everything he can to make the lowest offer possible and preserve profits, and it will be our goal to bring you the highest amount possible for your claim. We will strive to secure you compensation such as:

  • Medical bills from the past and payment for any future treatments
  • Lost wages from the past and reimbursement for future missed days
  • Property damage for your lost items, damaged personal belongings, and more
  • Additional expenses for an exterminator, fumigation fees, reimbursement of the hotel room and vacation funds, and more
  • Pain and suffering damages if you were left psychologically harmed after the incident or you suffered from anxiety, PTSD, fear, and more

You should be given the maximum Hyatt Regency bed bug compensation if you were bitten during your stay. Let our experienced lawyers for Hyatt Regency bed bug lawsuits help bring you every penny you need for your claim.

Choosing Us

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Contact our firm for a free legal consultation today. We will look over your case with you and tell you what we believe we can win by representing you. We will walk you through the legal process to make sure you understand how the lawsuit will proceed. If you want to hire us, we will give you our zero fee guarantee, which says that you won’t have to spend any money for our services. We’ll get paid if and only if we win, and if we lose, we won’t accept any payment at all.

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