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Bed Bug Cases on the Rise in Texas – Victims’ Rights and Lawsuit Information
Over the past few years, the state of Texas has been overrun with a tidal wave of bed bug infestations, resulting in numerous cases of severe bites. In some cases, victims suffered allergic reactions, requiring urgent medical care in emergency rooms across the state. Cities where residents should be of greatest concern for bed bug infestations include the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex, El Paso, Houston and its surrounding communities, Arlington, San Antonio and Austin. Victims of bed bug bites in these areas are advised to speak with a bed bug lawyer to decide on the best course of action.

Place Where Bed Bugs Can Spread
Infestations of bed bugs take place in numerous locations. Some of the most common places where bed bugs can be easily spread and contracted include the following:

  • Public and private schools – including libraries, dormitories and classrooms
  • Public transportation systems – including buses, trains and subways
  • Hotels, motels and resorts
  • Nursing and long term elderly care facilities
  • Hospitals and hospice care centers
  • Apartments building run by slumlords
  • Places of work
  • Uses furniture and mattress stores
  • Furniture rental stores
  • Day care centers

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?
One of the greatest causes of concern is how easily the pests can spread. You could visit a friend’s home that has an infestation and soon afterwards notice the same kind of infestation within your own home. They could come in your mail. If you shop online and the seller’s storage facilities contained bed bugs, the insects could easily transfer to your home once your mail is delivered. If you travel a lot, you could get them from hotels or motels, or even other people’s luggage at the airport. The bugs are not easily detected because they are mostly active at night, and tend to live and hide in dark places. However, this is not to say that these pests are not active during the day. They are opportunistic creatures that feed off blood whenever they can. With a lifespan of only one year, they reproduce quickly and spread aggressively.
If your home is infested, then your landlord may have to spend money and hire a professional exterminator to eliminate the infestation. The same applies to hotel and motel rooms. Unfortunately, some land owners will act in an irresponsible manner and let the problem quickly get out of hand. If you have been bitten, then the owner may be considered legally negligent and liable for all your damages. If you have been told it’s your problem, then you may have no option but to pursue legal action.

Bed bug lawyer Dallas Texas
Dallas, Texas, is the largest, most populated city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex; it is home to over a million people and features all of the big city attractions you would expect: a bustling downtown sector, a varied economy, and a host of lodges for its visitors. Due to the high concentration of events and sports teams in the vicinity – Dallas has a team in every major sport in the United States – there are constantly visitors, out of towners, and overnight residents attending games and going to affairs at the numerous complexes.

Of course, this fast moving influx of visitors means that there is a higher chance of property owners being less meticulous in their cleaning and inspections; turnover rate is high, and profit is important to them, so some pests and other infestations slip through the cracks. Bed bugs may be unwittingly transported to new locations by staying hidden in bedsheets and mattresses, latching onto extra clothing, or sneaking into handbags and luggage. If you come into contact with bed bugs while staying a hotel for a sporting event or other type of attraction, you run the risk of suffering from severe bites, as well as bringing them back to your home.

Our lawyers can help make sure you are taken care of in the event of a run in with bed bugs. The influx of people is no excuse for hotel managers and cleaning staff to not thoroughly clean rooms and regularly inspect them for any infestations. We can help bring you fair compensation for damages sustained by bed bugs.

Bed bug lawyer Austin Texas
According to the United States census, Austin, Texas, is fastest growing major city in the country. Its population has been growing by nearly 20% over periods of ten years, and the growing economy and changing culture is a reflection of that growth. With more new residents, however, comes the requirement for more living space, and landlords are eager to fill their pockets with rent money. They rent out apartments and quarters that have not been fumigated or properly cleaned out, and bed bugs have become a common problem to suffer through in the city.

New apartments may feature pre-furnished spaces, but not all the material may be brand new – or even sanitary. With such a rapidly increasing population, landlords are willing to get residents as soon as people. When you’re hunting for an apartment, take care to inspect every area thoroughly; or, if you have found one and have noticed telltale signs of bed bugs, make sure to document the evidence and contact a proper lawyer.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you win your case in court. We believe that no landlord should rent out unsanitary apartments to any residents, and the owners should be responsible for cleanup costs, lost wages, property damage, and medical bills. In addition to being active in Austin, we are also active in Houston, TX so if you need a lawyer in Houston, you could also contact us. We are active in the entire state of TX.

Bed bug lawyer Fort Worth Texas
Fort Worth is also part of the DFW Metroplex; although not as well known as Dallas, nor featuring any of the nationally recognized sports teams, it is still a bustling city that operates in tandem with Dallas and Arlington. It is home to nearly a million people, and it is not uncommon for visitors to stay in Fort Worth as opposed to Dallas for ease of travel and less congestion. However, with all the additional out of the way travel and the generally cheaper options for hotels and motels, the chance of bed bugs is still present.

Because these places of lodging are not at the epicenter of the metropolitan area, the owners and management may not feel as though they need to adhere to the same stanards that the other hotels do. They are content to rent out unsanitary, dirty rooms, and in the event of a complaint about an infestation, they are fine with ushering you out and giving you a ne place before you can collect any evidence you can use in a claim.

Our team of lawyers can help you receive your fair compensation if you are bitten by bed bugs while staying in Fort Worth. We will bring the establishment to court and not only make sure that you are paid your necessary settlement, but that they clean up their hotel and prevent further infestations.

Compensation Available for Bed Bug Bite Cases
Similar to other personal injury causes of action, bed bug bite victims are entitled to compensation for any and all damages incurred. A brief list and corresponding description of damages compensable in such lawsuits include the following:

  • All Bodily Damages – This includes medical care, future medical and rehabilitation expenses, and potential cosmetic surgery to rid of post-bite scarring.
  • All Economic Damages – If your property (clothing, furniture, personal belongings, or otherwise) has been effected and infested, you likely need to throw it away and should be reimbursed for the loss. Additionally, missing work, and thus losing out on wages of either present or future, can be compensated for in your claim.
  • Non-economic Damages – Pain and suffering, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and depression are just a few of the potential psychological effects stemming from bed bug bites.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Represent Me in a Bed Bug Case?
In every personal injury case, it is vital to seek out legal consultation with an attorney. During the consultation process, an attorney will be able to determine whether legal representation will be needed in order to ensure recovery for losses and damages incurred. In cases where the responsible parties are not being reasonable, the only option will be to file a lawsuit to receive the compensation that you deserve.


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