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A bed bug infestation is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences that you can suffer, and it can be made worse by the fact that you were not responsible for the incident. You should be protected from such occurrences when you go out and stay at an unfamiliar location or if you purchase a piece of used furniture from an outlet store. This negligent action can be used as the basis for a lawsuit, should you choose to seek legal compensation for your damages. Our team of expert attorneys at the Bed Bug Legal Group knows how confusing it can be to file such a claim, and we are here to help you. Call our law firm today to speak with a bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera, and you will be well on your way to earning the compensation you deserve for your damages.

Bed Bugs: Details and More
Bed bugs are found in dark, damp places that are not easily accessible or visible. They stay in these areas while they wait for night fall so they can emerge from their nests and feast on human blood. They need to make their nests close by so that they can quickly and efficiently maneuver to their hosts, since they cannot jump or leap. It is, thus, difficult to notice the creatures if you are constantly asleep when the attacks happen.

If you see bugs in your bed, you should be able to identify them as bed bugs. Bed bugs are very small (1.5 to 5mm in size), reddish-brown in color, flat-bodied, and round-shaped. They are sometimes confused with fleas, but fleas can jump and have narrower bodies. Some also confuse the after-effects of bites; flea bites hurt, while bed bug bites merely itch. Their saliva has an anesthetic in it that prevents you from feeling any pain when you are bitten.

If you’ve been bitten, you will notice red marks and welts show up on your skin a few hours or even a day after the incident. There may be no other indication except some bloodstains on the sheets or near the areas. This is due to two reasons: one, bed bugs drop blood while feasting, and two, their saliva has an anticoagulant in it which makes your blood flow without clotting, enabling them to feast for up to ten minutes. The bites are usually in a zigzag pattern and on exposed parts of your body; the creatures attack what they find and then return to their nests, engorged with blood and noticeably fatter.

Removing bed bugs is no easy task; they are very hardy creatures, and although extreme heat can do the job, it is best to hire an exterminator. You may also not even notice that the bed bugs are there due to how long they can go without feasting.

If you do not know if you were bitten by bed bugs or fleas, call a bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera for more help figuring it out.

Locations of the Pests
Bed bugs can be found anywhere. It is a common misconception that they are limited to dirty areas or spots that are not cleaned thoroughly, but they can be found in even the most luxurious hotels and resorts. They generally come to these places by way of latching onto luggage and suitcases; this is also the most common method of them infesting your home.

If you are in a hotel, you should search the area to make sure there is no infestation. Check underneath the sofa cushions, behind the couch, within the fabric of the furniture, behind the headboard of the bed, by the molding of doors, under loose carpeting, under drawers, behind electrical outlets, behind picture frames, and anywhere else you can think of. You do not want to wake up after being bitten and do a mad search to try and find the cause – it is better to search early to prevent an incident from happening in the first place.

The same advice is true for new renters. Landlords have to provide safe and healthy living quarters to any renters, and bed bugs are a clear health code violation. Although landlords are supposed to clean the house before anyone moves in, there is always the possibility that they may miss a spot or be negligent in their duties. The closer you check the apartment, the safer you will be.

Further, some people purchase used furniture from stores. You should always examine the piece you wish to purchase and anything nearby. Nothing is worse than bringing home an infested piece of furniture only to realize that the bed bugs have spread. The costs of fixing the issue could be very high.

For more advice, call a bed bug lawyer in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera.

Procedure after an Incident
After realizing that you were bitten by bed bugs, you should immediately search the area and find where the nests are. Nests can be discovered by looking for small cream colored eggs, exoskeletons of juvenile bed bugs, bloodstains, and black mounds (droppings). Bed bugs also emit a distinct musty odor. Once you find evidence of the creatures, take pictures of the nests and take even more photographs of the bites you sustained.

If you were in a hotel, you should not call management until you have all the necessary evidence. Management will escort you from the room and have it cleaned; you won’t be able to return to get any photos because the supervisor wants to cover the tracks of the hotel. Be careful not to accept any offers of free rooms or bonuses, either; doing so can negate your ability to receive legal restitution.

In the event that you purchased furniture from a store and suffered an infestation, do not throw away the furniture. You will lose your key evidence if you do this. Instead, move it somewhere isolated, take photos, and call a lawyer. Contacting the furniture store is generally not advised. You also should not return the item for a refund or a replacement, as that will also likely make it difficult to receive compensation.

No matter what, you should retain all documents, receipts, bills, and statements that link you to the responsible party. It is highly advised that you get in touch with a bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera.

Why Hire a Lawyer
It is crucial that you hire a lawyer to handle your lawsuit. If you do not, you will be expected to complete all of the duties yourself, which can be extremely tiring and draining, but there is also the chance that you will do it wrong. Filing documents needs to happen within a certain deadline, and if you are not available to meet with insurance agents to negotiate, you may not ever see a resolution to your claim. Your goal after an infestation should be to get your life back on track. Our lawyers are here to do the rest for you.

Don’t hesitate to call a bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera.

Compensation from a Claim
With the help of a bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera, you could earn various types of compensation for your damages. Your medical expenses could be covered, including any treatments from the past and the future relating to the incident. Your damaged property (tossed away items, for example) can be reimbursed, as can the extermination or fumigation costs. Any income that was lost at your job because of the time spent away from work can be covered as well.

Importantly, the emotional pain and suffering you endure can be calculated. This covers mental stresses such as psychological trauma, fear, anxiety, PTSD, and more. You should not be emotionally scarred because of your incident, and the compensation you earn can help you cover therapy costs and other expenses.

Our Group
The Bed Bug Legal Group is one of the premier law firms around for handling bed bug lawsuits. We have handled these types of cases for years, and our lawyers are no novices when it comes to winning settlements for our clients. We will aggressively negotiate with the insurance agents to bring you a satisfactory offer, and if we are not happy, we will take your case to court. You should not be expected to pay for expenses related to a bed bug incident if you were not at fault.

Call our law firm today to speak with an expert bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera. You can have a free consultation to discuss your claim and learn more about what you can earn. We will also give you necessary information on how to move forward and what steps to take.

If you hire us to represent you, you will receive our zero fee guarantee, which states that we only work on contingency – that is, you do not have to pay any expenses throughout the case. We get paid when we win, and the money will come out of the settlement we bring you. If we lose, you don’t have to pay us a single dollar, and you can walk away scot free.

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your finances – a bed bug attorney in Fresno / Fresno County / Clovis / Madera can help you take action against the liable party.


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