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Even though it is particularly frustrating to have to deal with a bed bug infestation, the entire situation can be worsened if another party were responsible for the problems in the first place. When a party negligently causes you to suffer bed bug bites or provides an easy method for your home to be compromised, you may be able to take legal action and sue for financial compensation. This compensation can cover various types of damages resulting from an infestation. You may not be fully equipped or prepared to handle a lawsuit yourself, and for this reason, it is imperative that you contact an expert attorney at the Bed Bug Legal Group in Arkansas. You can file a lawsuit with the assistance of a bed bug lawyer in Little Rock, Fort Smith, or Fayetteville.

Locations of Bed Bugs
Bed bugs can be found in numerous locations. Most often, they are present in hotels and motels, lodges and resorts, and trains and buses. They are often seen in spots where many travelers frequent in rooms that have high turnover rates. It is less common for bed bugs to be in homes unless used furniture was purchased from a used furniture store or some other cheap outlet, or if you transported the creatures home after staying somewhere that was affected.

When you go out, you should be careful to inspect the different locations where bed bugs may nest. If you are in a hotel, you should look behind the headboard and beneath the baseboard, as well as under the mattress. The sheets are usually changed daily in hotels, but the fitted sheets and mattress may seldom get cleaned. There may also be bed bugs hiding underneath couch cushions and sofas.

Other spots you can check, including in apartment buildings, are behind picture frames and electrical outlets, in between the wall and the carpeting or molding, and in the creases of other furniture. Bed bugs prefer to nest in dark, damp places that are conveniently close to their victims, so the spots of interest should be close to where you sleep. If you see small cream colored eggs, brown or black mounds, dark colored stains on sheets, and exoskeletons or molted skins, bed bugs are very likely present nearby.

For more advice on where to search for bed bugs, contact a bed bug lawyer in Little Rock, Fort Smith, or Fayetteville today.

Identifying the Creatures
Some people mistake bed bugs for other insects, specifically fleas, but fleas are larger, uniformly brown, and can jump. Bed bugs, on the other hand, are small (only up to about 1.5mm in length), reddish-brown colored, and crawl across surfaces to get around. They tend to come out at night, so identifying them during the day could be extremely difficult. Once you are asleep, the bugs will come out from their nests and feast on blood; their bites have numbing qualities within them that helps keep you from feeling the incisions, as well as anticoagulant qualities that keep your blood flowing so they can feast for much longer with no breaks. Once they have become engorged, they retreat to their nests. It is worth noting that bed bugs are tough creatures and can live for many weeks or months without feasting on any blood. They may not be seen for some time after a meal.

Both fleas and bed bugs bite, but bed bugs tend to leave a distinctive pattern on the skin. Fleas may bite anywhere, while bed bugs have a zigzag way of feasting. The bites may not show up for some days, which can make it difficult to pinpoint the location of the infestation if you were traveling extensively.

For help determining if you were bitten by bed bugs, call a bed bug lawyer in Fort Smith, Fayetteville, or Little Rock.

Compiling Evidence
Assuming you were bitten by bed bugs while out at a hotel or motel and you became aware of the incident within a night or two, you should take care to follow these steps. The most important step is to not alert the manager until you have gone through everything else. The manager will likely move you to another room immediately while the cleaning crew fixes the room up, and he will not let you back in to take photos or acquire evidence. If you accept a room that is more expensive or if you accept future credit or perks, you may not even be able to file a claim; the manager will state that you accepted compensation in the form of a perk, and it is unlawful of you to continue to search for more payment.

You should immediately take as many photos and videos you can of the nests, bugs, and your injuries. This is to prove that you were hurt by bed bugs at that specific location and not anywhere else. It can be hard to show that you were bitten if the bites show up after the fact and you do not have the time or ability to gather photos. The hotel could easily deny responsibility in that case.

You should also seek medical assistance to see if you suffered any specific damages. Although bed bugs do not carry diseases, the bites may be irritating and cause you to scratch, which can cause infections and other issues. The ensuing medical bills can be used in a lawsuit to show what you should be compensated for. Any property you own that was infested because of stray bed bugs that latched onto you should also be photographed, and the bills for cleaning expenses and fumigations should be saved.

Once you have all your evidence together, you should bring it to an experienced bed bug lawyer in Fort Smith, Fayetteville, or Little Rock.

Legal Process
In order for you to successfully win a lawsuit against the responsible property owner for the bed bug infestation and ensuing bites, you must be able to prove that the party was negligent in his duties.

First, you must show that you were owed a duty of care. If you were in a hotel, you were required to have a safe space provided to you that was free from any dangers. This is also true of apartment buildings; landlords must be sure that there are no infestations or health code violations present. Once you have moved in and you notice a bed bug infestation, however, it becomes much more difficult to win.

Next, there must have been a breach of that duty of care. This can be shown if there were no efforts made to clean any rooms or if no cleaning crews were hired to fumigate after a complaint. The property owner’s awareness of bed bugs can be evidence enough of negligence and a breach of duty.

Because of that breach of duty, an incident must have occurred; clearly, this is the infestation and the bed bug attack while you were asleep. They also may have crawled into your clothing or luggage and been transported to your home.

Lastly, you must have suffered some kind of physical harm from the bed bugs in order to file a personal injury lawsuit. The presence of bites can indicate that you were hurt.

Hiring an experienced bed bug attorney in the Little Rock, Fayetteville, or Fort Smith area can solidify your chances of proving the negligent actions of a property owner.

Compensation from a Bed Bug Lawsuit
If you choose to file a bed bug lawsuit, you can earn coverage for numerous damages. The medical bills you racked up due to the bites can be covered, and the property you own that was damaged can be reimbursed, cleaned, or repaired. If you were forced to take any days off work because of a temporary relocation, those wages could also be given back to you by the responsible party.

Keep in mind that you can also receive pain and suffering damages, which cover fear, anxiety, PTSD, psychological stress, and more. You may develop these conditions if the incident were particularly traumatizing and now has an inhibiting effect on your life.

A skilled bed bug lawyer in Fort Smith, Fayetteville, or Little Rock can help bring you the compensation you deserve.

How We Help You
Victims of bed bug bites are encouraged to come to our law firm for assistance in filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. The Bed Bug Legal Group has represented hundreds of individuals and is the number one choice for any bed bug related claim. We are an aggressive group of lawyers that does not give up seeking your fair compensation – we relentlessly work to secure you the maximum settlement available, and if we are not satisfied, we will take your case to court.

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