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Washington DC is one of the most often-traveled areas of the United States, featuring tourists from all parts of the country and even of the world. Due to this mass number of visitors, accommodating hotels and motels have seen an increase in infestations of bed bugs. There is no way to search every visitor to ensure he is not bringing bed bugs with him, but it is the duty of every dwelling to make sure it is not putting its customers in situations that can result in being affected by the pests. If you have been subjected to a bed bug infestation while in DC and need a lawyer to sue a hotel or landlord for bed bugs, we are here to help.

Important Information about Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are small, flat insects, no larger than an apple seed, that feast primarily on the blood of humans and other warm creatures. They are nocturnal pests and tend to feast on you at night when you’re most likely asleep. Their saliva has both anesthetic and anticoagulant properties, meaning it numbs the affected area and prevents the blood from clotting, keeping it smooth and flowing. Their bites do not tend to show up immediately, but rather after a few days; the bites themselves can be flat or raised, but usually form a distinctive line or zig zag pattern and are noticeably red. They may swell, blister, and itch. Often, the bites are located on the parts of your body readily exposed to bed bugs: your face, arms, legs, and shoulders. However, a hefty infestation of numerous bugs could easily make its way across your back, belly, and sides.

Where Can Bed Bugs Be Found?
Bed bugs are usually found in places that have beds or other furniture that has come into contact with various other people. The pests are most commonly seen in hotel rooms, motel rooms, apartment complexes, used furniture stores, travel lodges, vacation resorts, nursing homes, schools, day care centers, and dormitories. In DC, the frequent coming and going of visitors puts hotels and motels at a greater risk for bed bug infestations.

The creatures nest in warm, dark places, such as in mattress seams, behind headboards, and on the undersides of couches. They tend to stay near their victims so they do not have to travel too far when they need to feed; they are not speedy creatures and can only crawl, not jump or fly, so proximity is important to their eating habits. However, it should be noted that bed bugs can survive for up to one year without having a meal. Spreading bed bugs is easy, and is a big part of the reason that infestations have cropped up across DC. The pests can latch onto clothing, luggage, personal belongings, handbags, and or your body, and you can unwittingly transfer them from a sullied location to a clean one. For this reason, people often take action in suing a hotel or motel for bedbugs.

Bed Bugs in an Apartment
If you find bed bugs in your apartment building, whether it is pre-furnished or not, you may be entitled to compensation from your landlord. The previous tenants may have had bed bugs and, upon their departure, your landlord may not have thoroughly cleaned the apartment. You can sue your landlord for bed bugs and the damages that come with that – for instance, he may be required to pay fumigation and extermination fees, or, if you have been forced to throw away furniture or belongings that could not be salvaged from the pests, he may be liable to provide you with a settlement to replace your property.

If you need to find a lawyer to sue your landlord for bedbugs in DC, contact us today.

Finding the Right Attorney
Personal injury lawsuits are varied, and attorneys generally handle a number of different case types at any given time. For this reason, it is advised that you look for attorneys for bed bug lawsuits in DC to handle your case. Lawyers who have deal with personal injury claims that have been directly related to bed bugs are more well-equipped and knowledgeable than their normal counterparts.

By selecting one of our bed bug attorneys to help you sue a hotel for bedbugs or sue your landlord for bed bugs, you will be guaranteed to receive the most accurate and thorough litigation for your case. We have dealt with clients who have suffered from bed bug infestations across DC, and we are able to bring you any restitution you need for lost wages, damaged property, medical treatment, and any stress brought on by the incident. All of our clients are subjected to free legal consultations to discuss their bed bug lawsuits. Bed bugs are a tricky pest and knowing how to follow up with proper legal action is crucial; we make sure that all of your questions are answered and you know the best route forward in pursuing your claim.

Our firm also offers you a zero fee guarantee. Any lawsuit we file on your behalf and all the negotiations and court dates that accompany it will be handled free of charge until the case is resolved, and you will only owe us anything if we win. We feel that it is unfair for you to suffer through a bed bug ordeal and still have to owe money even in the wake of a lost case.

If you need to a bed bug lawyer in DC, contact our firm today.

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