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Summer Camp and Bed Bugs in the Campground

Summertime is a time of wonder for a child. Children of all ages look forward their entire school year to go to a summer camp. But children are not able to enjoy their summer camp experience, when they are forced to sleep in bunk bed camp housing that also includes bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a staple in some children’s and teen’s summer camp experiences, because the owners of the summer camps don’t clean, air out and disinfect the sleeping and common areas of the summer camp. Some don’t clean them regularly, while other owners never clean these areas at all! When areas that summer campers will be sleeping in are never cleaned, disinfected or sanitized, then there will be a high risk of bed bugs infiltrating the area.

Adult Camps Are Often Rampant with Nasty Bed Bugs

Adult camps are outdoor havens for adults interested in enjoying the great outdoors. But unfortunately, these adult camps have a downside to getting out into nature and being outside. The sleeping areas are frequented by many different and random people, and if they are not fastidiously cleaned after each session, they can easily become a condo home to thousands of bed bugs. The bed bugs are happy to stay in the adult camp sleeping areas, eating areas and common areas, if there is no one to stop them from thriving and multiplying.

Retreat Common Sleeping Areas Can House Bed Bugs

Any time that you are in a building, structure or sleeping area that has been made open to the public and shared by many other people, there is a high risk of developing bed bugs in those environments. Retreats are common for being rustic, out in the open air, and to keep many people near to each other for their spiritual awakening. But if the retreat areas that are meant for sleeping are not inspected, aired out and cleaned with disinfectant and bug repellant on a regular basis, the retreat bedding areas will become rampant with bed bugs.

Teepee Homes House Bed Bugs

A teepee home or resort teepee is made up of using poles and fabric or tarp, to keep the teepee in a triangle or cone shape. The teepee is held up with the poles meeting at a junction at the top of the structure. The teepee usually is made up of a tarp, buffalo hide or any other natural materials. Once there are bed bugs inside of a teepee, they will ingrain themselves into the fabric of the teepee. This makes it extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs in a teepee. Teepees are also open to the outside air and elements. The structure being open will allow for more bed bugs to come into the structure easily, thwarting any efforts to get rid of bed bugs inside the teepee.

Log Cabin Homes Can Keep Bed Bugs in the Logs

Log cabin homes are very rustic, and are made of natural logs and trees. These types of natural wood structures can easily house and hide bed bugs. The log cabins need to be continually reviewed, inspected and deloused, if they are to be safe and secure from housing disease ridden bed bugs inside the walls and wood structure.

Pueblo Adobe Clay Homes Can House Bed Bugs

Pueblo homes are made of bricks that come from adobe clay. The bricks are mixed using natural components of clay, grass and straw, then set in the sun to harden, then used to build pueblo home walls. Because these homes are made of many natural materials, the homes can house bed bugs. The bed bugs are easily found to hang out and thrive between the walls in a pueblo home. When the bed bugs get into the interior walls of a pueblo home, they will be nearly impossible to get out. In general, pueblo homes are created by stacking many clay rooms on top of each other. That means, the bed bugs can travel easily inside of the walls to infect the rooms all the way up to the top floor of the pueblo home.

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