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During the past five years the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities have experienced an epidemic of bed bugs. Infestations have popped up across a whole range of locations and including luxury hotels, affordable motels, long term living residences, apartment buildings, and condominiums.

As a result of the ever growing outcry from injured victims our law firm has taken the lead in perusing personal injury claims against property owners, managers and operators of hotels and apartment complexes who have failed to provide tenants and hotel guests with sanitary living quarters free of infestations.

Legal Help: If you or a loved one suffered from beg bugs due to an infestation in your hotel room or apartment feel free to contact our law firm for a free no cost legal analysis. Call toll free 800-35-9637.

How To Identify the Presence of Bed Bugs:
Adult bed bugs are brown to reddish brown in color based on the specific species and can be seen with the naked eye. Younger bed bugs are smaller in size and translucent but can still be seen with the naked eye. bed bugs can grown to three times their size upon engorging in human blood.

Where to look for bed bugs if you suspect your hotel room is infested: Bed bugs creep out at night bite unsuspecting hotel room guests and creep back into their hideout locations by daylight. All too often guest wake up severely bitten with no trances of the insects. There are several locations to investigate for the presence of bed bugs in your hotel room.

  • Look along the seams of the mattress
  • Inside the casing of the pillow
  • Inside cracked and exposes walls
  • Under loose carpeting on the floor
  • Under the casing of couches or chairs
  • The based board of the bed
  • On your clothes or other personal items including shoes
  • On towels and other toiletries

Wining Your bed Bug Case in the Court of Law:

Most law firms do not have the expertise and experience in taking bed bug lawsuits against hotel/motel operators or apartment building owners. There are several legal causes of action which can be used to bring justice to individuals victimized by the bed bug bites.

Cause of Action Based on Negligence: There are several elements that need to be shown in order to prove a negligence in the court of law. Your bed bug lawyer will discuss this in more detail, but here is a summary:

  1. The property owner or hotel operator owed a duty to provide for a sanitary living environment devoid of bed bug infestations.
  2. The defendant breached the duty owed to the tenant under tenant rights laws of the state or failed to provide for a clean hotel room.
  3. The breach of the duty resulted in injuries to the victim – by way of bug bites, infestation of personal items and property damage.
  4. The injuries were significant.

Recovery Available For Bed Bug Bite Victims:

Punitive Damage Awards:  In many instances court have granted victims of severe bed bug infestations punitive damage awards. Punitive damages are designed to force a change in the business practice of the property owner so as to deter any future negligent or wrongful action.

Punitive damages can be as much as ten times the recovery awarded for all other damages sustained.

Legal Assistance:

Our attorneys are dedicated to pursuing justice for hotel guests and tenants of apartment complexes victimized by bed bug infestations across the Los Angeles region including, Long Beach, Orange County, Riverside, Long Beach, San Bernardino, Pomona, Lancaster Palmdale region, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, and Bakersfield. Our goal in every case we take on is to achieve the highest compensation for our clients.

Free Legal Case Review: Contact us today if you need a bed bug lawyer in Los Angeles. All legal consultations regarding bed bug infestations are confidential and free of charge.


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