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Bed bugs are among the hardiest creatures that wreak havoc on people and infest establishments. They are notoriously difficult to eradicate and can survive many types of extermination. They are even able to survive for months at a time without taking in any sustenance; bed bugs have been deprived of blood for months and were still alive. It can be shocking, therefore, to find bed bugs in Alaska; many people believe that the relatively harsh climate would be enough to prevent the bed bugs from thriving, but they still afflict people around the state. Bed bugs can be extremely frustrating, and laws have been enacted to protect people in case they are victimized by the creatures due to the negligence of another party. Our firm, the Bed Bug Legal Group, has exhaustively researched the laws regarding bed bug infestations and we can give you all the information you need on bed bug law and legal statutes in Alaska.

Information about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small bloodsucking creatures that like to hide in damp, dark places. They are able to crawl from their nests in the middle of the night, bite you without you feeling it, suck your blood for a few minutes, and retreat, where they may not need to leave for a very long time. Bed bug injuries can be serious; some people are allergic to the venom, and they may need to hurry to the hospital. For most people, though, the bites simply result in raised welts that mildly itch. However, the welts could fester and become infected, and they could lead to keloid scarring once they go away.

Because of how troublesome the pests are, there are various bed bug laws in Alaska state that are meant to protect and help victims. Bed bug infestations in Alaska can be serious, and you should not simply accept the injuries or the unsanitary environment without learning more about Alaska bed bug bite laws.

Bed Bug Laws in Alaska

The laws in Alaska essentially state that there must be careful attention paid to the sanitation level of dwellings, and certain parties have more responsibility than others. For example, Alaska landlord tenant laws regarding bed bugs have severe consequences if they are violated. However, if you were simply in a friend’s home and you were bitten, there are no laws you can reckon that would protect you. Alaska state bed bug laws primarily deal with tenants of apartment buildings and guests in the hospitality industry.

Alaska Bed Bug Laws

Alaska statutes and constitution have changed over the years. In 2016, Alaska state law regarding bed bugs changed when the landlord-tenant law was updated. Harsher fines were introduced in violation of the laws regarding Alaska’s city ordinances. Various building codes were changed, as well. Landlords and property owners must deal with pests, either by using a bed bug pesticide or hiring an exterminator.

Alaska Landlord Bed Bug Laws

There is a certain amount of landlord responsibility when it comes to bed bugs in apartments. Alaska tenant bed bug laws dictate that landlords must remove bed bugs and other infestations or face a fine. This Alaska apartment bed bug law essentially frees the burden of responsibility from the tenants. Renters and landlords should still work together to ensure that no health laws are violated, though. Your rights as a tenant entitle you to a safe and sanitary living quarters, and you should familiarize yourself with Alaska renter bed bug laws.

Section 34.03.100 of the Landlord-Tenant Law in Alaska law states that landlords must maintain fit premises for their tenants. Specifically, it must be habitable and sanitary. You can sue a landlord in Alaska for bed bugs if he does not provide you with such a premises, but you will likely only be able to do so if you can prove that you were not responsible for the creatures in the first place. Alaska bed bug law dictates that landlords must remove the bed bugs, but it does not automatically allow tenants to file a bed bug lawsuit in Alaska.

For more information on apartment bed bug laws in Alaska, you can contact our law firm.

Bed Bugs Laws For Hotel Bed Bugs In Alaska

The Alaska hotel bed bug laws are not too different from the Landlord-Tenant Law. Alaska motel bed bug laws essentially dictate that hotel and motel owners must not rent out infested rooms to any customers, and they can be heavily fined if they do. The property owner or hotel manager must do his duty to clean the hotel and eradicate the bugs.

Hotels are the leading site of bed bug cases in Alaska. This is because many Alaska bed bug cases occur in places that feature a high influx of visitors; out-of-state travelers stay at hotels and may bring the pests with them. Hotel owners must always inspect their premises, though; if they do not and you are victimized by the pests, you could file an Alaska bed bug infestation lawsuit.

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Statute of Limitations for an Alaska Bed Bug Case in Alaska

Alaska bed bug laws state that you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file an Alaska bed bug lawsuit. This will be a personal injury lawsuit against the hotel owner, property manager, or landlord responsible for your injuries from the infestation. There are no different bed bug infestation laws in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Eagle River, Badger; the 2-year limit is active across the state.

However, if the defendant left the state, your statute could be temporarily suspended. Alaska law on bed bugs and personal injury claims decrees that an exception can also be granted if you were under the age of 18 at the time of the incident, so you could file a claim once you turn 18 with a fresh two-year deadline.

Compensation from a Bed Bug Claim

Bed bug lawsuits can be worth a lot of money if you consider the added expenses you can receive for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The different amounts can all be calculated if you suffered different losses. For example, you may need ample coverage because of your stint in the hospital to get treated for an allergic reaction, an you may have brought the bed bugs home with you from a hotel. This could have led to you needing to throw away a lot of your furniture and clothing, as well as result in you missing various days of work. The emotional trauma can also be long-lasting and harder to get over, causing a pervasive fear of new places.

Fortunately, an Alaska bed bug injury lawyer can help you with your lawsuit. You will need to prove that the property owner knew about the bed bugs and chose to do nothing about them, caused the infestation in some manner, or did not know about the problem but reasonably should have if he had paid careful enough attention or sufficiently inspected the property.

Proving this level of negligence can be difficult, and you should let a team at the Bed Bug Legal Group handle your case for you. We are well-versed in the bedbugs laws in Alaska and promise to bring you the maximum compensation for your claim.

Why Choose Us

The Bed Bug Legal Group has handled bed bug lawsuits for years. Our team has decades of combined experience and we have made sure to become the top firm available for bed bug cases. We are intimate with bed bug laws in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Eagle River, Badger and we know the best method to secure you the restitution you deserve. We will aggressively pursue your rightful damages and won’t stop until we are satisfied with the result.

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