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If you have had bed bug bites from a stay at a hotel, motel, inn, cottage, spa or resort, then you know the pain and agony of trying to heal from that personal injury. Bed bug bites can be a serious injury, because people can have an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite. If you have a serious reaction to bed bugs biting you, then your body can set up normal defenses to fight any infection from the bed bugs. Your rashes and itching in those cases may be excessive and that can cause complications with your healing. You can at that time form serious permanent scars, all because of your bed bug bites from an infestation as a guest at a hotel or other extended stay environment.

What Is a Bed Bug Infestation and How Long Does It Last?

A bed bug infestation can last a long time, because once a hotel room or building has bed bugs in it, they typically don’t go away on their own. If you see one bed bug, there will be hundreds to thousands more in the same area or region of a structure or dwelling. That means that a hotel room that has bed bugs hidden in the mattresses, pillows, carpets and curtains will not ever be rid of the bed bugs until they are eradicated by a pest control service.

Hotels have liability for the personal injuries that their guests incur, when they are guests in the hotel building structure. A hotel room is supposed to be regularly cleaned and deep cleaned, to prevent the formation of an infestation of bed bugs into the room. If you are bitten by bed bugs in a hotel room, you will have the opportunity to bring an action for this personal injury sustained at a hotel. But sometimes, the bed bug bites can become infected or cause secondary problems.

Bed Bug Bites Are Not Mosquito Bites

A bite from a bed bug can be a serious personal injury, that you acquire from sleeping in a room infested with bed bugs. If you go to an emergency clinic or hospital, your bed bug wounds can be misdiagnosed to look like a mosquito bite. But just as a mosquito bite that is from a mosquito infected with malaria can be deadly, a bed bug bite can also harbor a disease that can cause you permanent scarring on your skin.

Sometimes if you tell the hospital that you have a bed bug bite, it is not taken seriously. For that reason, many people are not treated properly when they go to the emergency clinic for help after being bitten by a bed bug. Some people who have received numerous bed bug bites are embarrassed to say that they have been bitten by a bed bug at a hotel. But if you are bitten by bed bugs at a hotel, it is not something that you need to be ashamed of, and you can tell the healthcare professionals how you were bitten to get the proper treatment for your wounds.

Help, I Need a Lawyer to Help Me File a Lawsuit Against a Wrongdoer for Permanent Scars I Received from Sustaining Bed Bug Bites!”

We understand how disappointed and frustrated you feel, after being bitten by nasty bed bugs who left permanent scars on your body. You need to discuss your case today with a lawyer with experience in personal injuries and permanent scars from bed bug bites. You can get the legal assistance you need today, by contacting us at the Bed Bug Legal Group, for access to an attorney with an expertise in negotiating, handling and winning personal injury claims for permanent scars related to keloids from bed bug bites.

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You are automatically eligible for a zero-fee guarantee, when you contact us now at the Bed Bug Legal Group. You never have to pay before we will start working with you on your bed bug bites personal injury claim.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers for Permanent Scars from Bed Bug Bites

You are entitled to talk to us at the Bed Bug Legal Group, for a free second opinion case review. All that you have to do is contact us today, to talk to attorneys who specialize in bed bug bite permanent scars and the claims that will help them recover the money they need to pay their medical bills and expenses related to the personal injury. You can get access to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles at the Bed Bug Legal Group, by contacting us today.

Can I Sue If I Have Permanent Scars from Bed Bug Bites?

Yes, we can sue in the event that you have sustained permanent scars from receiving bed bug bites. Sometimes scars form under and around a bed bug bite, because of the accompanying infection the debrides the skin near the bites. If the bites are together in a small area on your skin, the infection and bites can merge, to form a raised and permanent scar. This can be a keloid, and depending on the color of your natural skin, it can be an unsightly scarring that will live with you for the rest of your life.

Keloid scars never just fade away on their own, they are not mosquito bites. No, a keloid scar is an unsightly healing of a wound, that makes a thick raised scarring on your body. It can heal “funny” to where it turns colors such as red, brown, yellow or black. It will also be an unpleasant topic of conversation from strangers and friends, when they see it on your person even after you healed from your unpleasant run-in with the bed bugs that bit you.

You can contact us today at the Bed Bug Legal Group, to talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers about your permanent scars from a bed bug attack. We are here for you, and can file a lawsuit on your behalf regarding this claim. Just contact our case attorneys in Los Angeles at the Bed Bug Legal Group today. We can start the process today, to get you on a full recovery compensation package against the people or entities responsible for your bed bug bites attack, that created permanent scars on your body.

Permanent Scars from Bed Bug Bites Attorney lawyer lawsuit compensation sueAverage Case Value of Permanent Scars from Bed Bug Bites

Depending on where you sustain scarring from a bed bug bite, your permanent scars can be devastating for you, and we understand your feelings regarding a scar on your person. If you have serious scarring from bed bug bites, you may need plastic surgery to ameliorate those scars, to lead a more normal life in the future. Your claim will include the expenses related to surgical procedures to remove and fix your permanent scars from bed bug bites. For that reason, your final settlement can reach upwards of $350,000 or more as a settlement for bed bug bites that created permanent scarring on your body.

How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

Your settlement may take up to 2-5 months to settle out this type of personal injury case. But don’t think that is a long time, because it is not long at all. By the time you get your medical bills, are released from your primary care physician’s care management plan, amass all of your expenses, losses and damages, and determine any other losses such as your time lost from work, it will take several months to get this paperwork all in order. Then, we will work on getting you the money you deserve on this type of bed bug bites personal injury case. The negotiation phase will appropriately run its course, and you will be able to settle out your case at that point. You can contact us while you are still recovering from your bed bug bites trauma. If you need additional surgical procedures to correct the permanent scarring with a cosmetic procedure, then we will add those expenses to the pot for your final recovery as well. You can contact us now at the Bed Bug Legal Group, to get the process started today.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years.

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You can contact us at the Bed Bug Legal Group now, for your free consultation regarding being bitten by bed bugs and incurring permanent scars from those bites. We understand that you may be upset by this ordeal. We are here to help you, and we are always on your side. We can get you the full recovery compensation package that you deserve in this case. Just fill out the contact form, to talk to us at the Bed Bug Legal Group regarding your personal injuries from bed bug bites today.


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