Can I Sue Quality Inn for Bed Bug Bites or a Bed Bug Infestation in My Room?

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A bed bug infestation at a hotel like Quality Inn can wreak havoc on all the occupants in the hotel. If you have been bitten by bed bugs while at a Quality Inn, you may be able to take legal action. Our bed bug law firm for bed bug injuries at Quality Inn has experienced attorneys who can help you secure fair compensation for bed bugs at a hotel. We have years of experience handling these claims, and our success speaks for itself. At the Bed Bug Legal Group in Los Angeles, our lawyers put our clients first, and strive to win the best compensation from the responsible party. If you have questions about Quality Inn bed bug reports, acquiring a Quality Inn bed bugs refund, or the nuances of the Quality Inn bed bugs policy, call one of our lawyers in Los Angeles that can sue Quality Inn for bed bug injuries.

The Problem of Bed Bugs in Hotels

Hotels like Quality Inn can easily have various rooms infested with bed bugs; it only takes one to lay eggs and have those eggs be transported to the rest of the structure via laundry, bedding, and luggage. The creatures are very hardy and can survive many weeks without feasting on any blood, and they are difficult to kill. As a result, they may not be noticed right away, if at all.

The other issue lies in the nature of their bites. Bed bugs have bites that anesthetize you and allow them to drink for a few minutes at a time. Once they have finished feasting, they return to the nest and digest. The bites do not show up immediately; you would likely only notice the blood stains on the bed from dribbled blood. After a few hours or days, the bites will swell up and become small bumps. Many people confuse these bites with flea bites, but flea bites are much itchier and do not share the characteristic zigzag pattern that bed bug bites have.

According to California law, hotels must provide safe, sanitary, healthy living quarters for any occupants; the rooms must be free of vermin, filth, and anything that could cause health problems. If there are bed bugs, there is a violation, and you might be able to file a lawsuit claiming compensation for bed bug bites.

How to Prepare for a Lawsuit

Bed bug bites can be extremely frustrating and if you bring the infestation home with you; the insects can cause extensive damage and force you to purchase new furniture and take time off work to handle the problem. You should document your monetary losses as thoroughly as possible.

First, you should gather evidence to effectively sue Quality Inn for bed bug injuries. You need pictures and videos of your injuries and of the bed bugs or their nests. You can find their nests in dark places near the sleeping areas, such as under baseboards and couch cushions, inside the creases of couches and mattresses, inside drawers of nightstands, behind picture frames and electrical outlets, and more.

You can gather any documents showing that you were a victim of the bed bugs. This includes providing the receipt or credit card statement to show that you purchased a hotel room, the medical bills and doctor’s note from your visit to the hospital, pay stubs showing how much money you will lose by not going to work, and more.

You can prepare for all of this while still in the Quality Inn room. If you need to, you can contact a bed bug attorney for bed bug bites at Quality Inn as soon as you discover the creatures.

It is important that you don’t contact the manager until you have gathered your evidence. Talking to staff too soon will cause them to relocate you and prevent you from getting the required photos and evidence. You won’t be able to show that the room was infested if they clean it immediately, and the hotel will be able to legally deny liability. When you do alert the staff, though, you should ask to file an incident report with the hotel.

Additionally, you shouldn’t accept compensation from the hotel in the form of vouchers, free rooms, perks, memberships, and more. The hotel will try to do all it can to prevent a Quality Inn bed bug lawsuit. If you accept anything, the hotel can claim that the damages were already covered and your pursuit of additional compensation is wrong.

For more help, reach out to a lawyer to sue Quality Inn for bed bug bites.

Can I sue Quality Inn for bed bug bites?

Yes, you can sue Quality Inn for bed bug bites. You were owed a duty of care as a paying customer at a hotel, and the hotel breached its duty by not providing you with a sanitary living space. You were then bitten and suffered physical harm; this fulfills all the points of negligence and allows you to pursue a claim. If you were not bitten, you will not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Can I sue Quality Inn for bed bugs in my room which injured me?

Yes, you can sue Quality Inn for bed bugs in your room which injured you. As an invitee on the property, you are owed the highest level of care, and if the property owner is negligent in his duties, you can sue if you are injured.

You can contact our law group to learn how to report bed bugs at a hotel and to get more Quality Inn bed bug lawsuit information.

Time Limit for a Lawsuit

You have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the hotel for your bed bug bites. If you take too long to pursue Quality Inn bed bugs compensation, you won’t be able to take legal action. There are exceptions to this rule, such as your age at the time of the incident and whether or not the defendant has remained in the state or the country. A lawyer with experience in bed bug lawsuits against Quality Inn can help you understand how much time you have left and can file your claim for you.

Earnings from a Lawsuit

With the help of our attorneys to sue Quality Inn for bed bugs in your room, you could receive various kinds of compensation for your issues. We will pursue the fairest settlement available and will not stop until we are satisfied with the offer. Our law group will strive to win you coverage for:

  • Medical expenses from the past and future
  • Lost wages from the past and future
  • Property damage
  • Emotional pain and suffering

You should not be held accountable for these damages if the hotel negligently caused them by not properly cleaning the rooms and allowing bed bugs to prosper.

Our Firm

The Bed Bug Legal Group in Los Angeles is a highly rated law firm that helps victims who have been harmed by bed bugs in various establishments. We can help you file a bed bug lawsuit against Quality Inn and handle your claim for you from start to finish. We will oversee the legal process, file the documents, negotiate with the insurance agent, and even present your case in court if necessary. Our lawyers are aggressive and do not take no for an answer – our goal is to bring you the maximum compensation and to not rest until you are completely covered.

Call our law offices today to set up a free legal consultation with one of our expert lawyers. You are encouraged to ask any nagging questions and we’ll give you the proper answers. All of our consultations are confidential, as well, and your private details and case information won’t be shared with anyone outside of our offices.

If you hire us to represent you, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee on your case, which promises that you’ll not have to pay any out of pocket fees for our help. We’ll take our share from the settlement we bring you if we win, so Quality Inn will pay for your legal bills. F we lose, you won’t pay us anything at all.

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