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Bed bugs are an extremely frustrating issue to deal with if you are a guest at a hotel, not least of all because the bugs can harm you even when you leave the establishment. They can latch onto your luggage or crawl into your suitcase and infest your home, which may lead to a lengthy extermination process and even more bites. The hotel can be held responsible for your numerous damages if you suffered through an infestation at the business. It is the duty of the hotel to protect its guests, and if guests are subjected to such vermin, the hotel is in violation. Fortunately, there are legal routes you can take to acquire compensation for your losses. Our law firm, the Bed Bug Legal Group, will tell you how to file a lawsuit against Aloft Hotel for bed bugs.

Information about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very small creatures that are only 1 to 5 millimeters in length. They are reddish-brown in color, flat-bodied, and round, but they do engorge and turn a deeper shade of red when they have feasted. They only move by crawling and tend to make their nests near where their victims sleep. The bugs have a distinct musty odor that indicates their presence.

Can I Sue Aloft hotel for Bed Bugs?

The bugs feast on human blood, but they do not need to constantly drink. They can subsist on one meal for some months and go into nesting mode. They do prefer to feast regularly, though, and they can do so without arousing much suspicion. The bugs have an anesthetic agent in their saliva that prevents victims from feeling the bites when they happen, so you will not wake up during slumber. The saliva also has an anticoagulant in it, which causes the blood to not cot and flow freely, allowing the bug to drink for up to ten minutes at a time. At times, it can be difficult to identify bites, as they may not show up immediately. The delayed reaction can cause victims to be uncertain of what bit them, especially because the bites are small, raised, red welts that may be confused with mosquito bites.

A common misconception about bed bugs is that they only nest in dirty areas or that they prefer filth. This is not true; bed bugs simply prefer to make their nests near their food sources. Even the most upscale hotels can have bed bugs present, and they can easily spread rapidly over a few days. What is most important to bed bugs is the dampness and darkness of their prospective nests.

Bed bugs like to nest in the following areas:

  • Underneath mattresses
  • Underneath bed frames and box springs
  • Behind paintings and picture frames
  • Behind electrical outlets
  • Below carpets and underneath rugs
  • Behind baseboards and headboards
  • In linen bunches and sheets
  • Inside cushions and pillows
  • Inside upholstery
  • Inside drawers on desks and dressers
  • On the underside of couches and chairs

You should be looking for clear signs of bed bugs in these areas. The clearest signs are the bed bugs themselves, but there may also be cream colored eggs, blood stains on sheets, droppings or mounds near the nests exoskeletons from juvenile bed bugs that reached maturity, and more.

Although it is Aloft Hotel bed bug policy to report the bed bugs, you should gather evidence of the creatures before you do anything else. Our lawyers can help you determine where to file a claim against Aloft Hotel for bed bug injuries.

Can I Sue Aloft Hotel for Bed Bugs?

You can sue Aloft Hotel for bed bugs if you suffered losses of some kind. Some individuals may only have to bear the economic troubles of the infestation. Their clothing may need to be replaced and they may need to throw out some belongings. You might need to exterminate your home and car, for instance. These are small lawsuits that generally do not result in the biggest bed bug lawsuit settlements.

Can You Sue Aloft Hotel for Bed Bug Bites?

On the other hand, you can file a bed bug lawsuit against Aloft Hotel if you were bitten and likely expect more money. Bites are a form of physical injuries, and thus, you have the ability to file a personal injury claim, or more specifically, a premises liability lawsuit against the hotel.

In filing a personal injury claim, you must be able to show these four points of negligence:

  • You were owed a duty of care
  • The duty of care was breached
  • The breach of duty led to an incident
  • The incite resulted in physical harm

In the case of a bed bug infestation, you were a guest at the hotel, and the breach of duty was the infestation that was allowed to thrive. According to California law, apartments and hotels must be free of unsanitary conditions like vermin, filth, and infestations. Not only is it a matter of cleanliness, for the hotel to eradicate bed bugs, it is also a legal matter.

You will likely need to file a premises liability claim against the hotel. This requires one of three situations:

  • The hotel manager caused the infestation to happen
  • The hotel manager knew about the infestation but took no action to remedy the situation or provide warning to customers
  • The hotel manager was not aware of the infestation, but he reasonably should have been if he had been more meticulous in his care and investigations

Although the hotel manager is not the one cleaning rooms and maintaining them, he is still responsible for his employee’s choices, as they affect the establishment and guests. Thus, you can file an Aloft Hotel bed bug lawsuit if the workers were negligent in their duties and did not properly clean rooms.

Here Is How to File a Bed Bug Claim Against Aloft Hotel

  • Go to the doctor immediately for medical treatment
  • Do not delay going to the doctor, as a gap in time between the incident and the treatment can be a red flag to insurance agents; they may claim that you were injured elsewhere and that the infestation was clearly present at home or another location
  • Keep copies of medical notes and anything from the hospital to show that you were treated
  • Hold on to receipts from the hospital and receipts showing you paid for the hotel room
  • Take pictures of the bites you suffered
  • Take pictures of the bed bugs and their nests
  • Interview any potential eyewitnesses for their statements and testimonies, such as fellow guests, family members, staff workers, and more
  • File an incident report with the hotel, but only after you have gathered your evidence; if you alert the hotel of the bed bugs but you have not yet taken pictures, you could very easily miss your chance, as the room will likely be barred from entering
  • Call a lawyer with experience in Aloft Hotel bed bug lawsuits who can discuss your case and take on your lawsuit while you focus on resuming your normal life

Aloft Hotel Bed Bug Lawsuit Compensation

The Aloft Hotel bed bug compensation you can receive for your lawsuit will vary according to many factors. The typical hotel bed bug settlement only awards victims a few thousand dollars, and it is not common for many people to lose their claims. We aim to do everything in our power to secure you the victory and win you the following types of restitution:

  • Medical expenses for hospitalization, medication, and future treatments
  • Lost income from the front an d if you could not go to work because you had no vehicle, no way to access your home, or you were injured
  • Property damage for the belongings you had to throw away or replace
  • Extermination fees, housecleaning fees, and exterminator fees
  • Pain and suffering expenses for emotional trauma, PTSD, anxiety, fear, and more

Call our law offices today to find out where to file a claim for bed bug bites while staying at a Aloft Hotel.

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